Stelle Laser has released its Third Generation Diode Laser Handle on Nov. 18th. 

Highlight of the 3rd Generation Diode Laser Handle:

- Intelligent recognition of tips 

- Handle inbuilt monitoring system

- Super power 1200W

- Big LED screen easy operation 

- Amazing cooling

3rd Generation Diode Laser Handle

The 3rd Generation Diode Laser Handle comes with 3 treatment tips:

- Body Tip: with super big spot size 15*30mm, greatly improved the treatment efficience and shorten the treatment time.

 - Facial Tip: with 15*15mm spot size, considered to be the most classical size for facial area treatment, such as face hair removal and lip hair removal.

- Nose Tip: with 8mm diameter small spot size, this tip makes nose hair removal possible for many men and women who is bothering by the nose hair.

3rd Generation Diode Laser Handle

Thanks to the intelligent software, with 3 treatment tips this new Generation Diode Laser Handle is still very easy to use. 

It can intelligent recoginize which tip you have putted to the handle and automatically giving the pre-set parameters under this treatment tip.

Handle inbuilt monitoring system can detect the real-time cooling tempreture and output energy, protecting machine and patient every second.

Big LED screen in handle is not only used for diplaying the treatment information, it also allows client to control machine directly. 

With the special connection design between tips and handle, we can ensure the cooling effect of the tips is super strong thus ensure truly painless treatment.