So happy to announce we have added a new function - Password Lock function to all our machines.

It is a great function for distributors who have business of renting machines. It allows distributor to control the machine from a distance!


For example, Lily has rented this machine for 1 month, you can set a 1 month password for her. After 1 month the password will be invalid and machine will be locked. If Lily wants to continuously use machine, she must pay for you first. If she pay you 10 days, you can offer her a 10 days password, if she pay you 1 month, you can offer her a 1 month password.

It is very convenient for you to control your machines!


Besides, this function is also workable for installment clients!

Below we will introduce how to use this function step by step:

Click below to enter backstage control interface:

First click the button below, then system will ask for password. This password is confidential, we are unable to put in web. Please contact our sales manager to get this password.

After put password you will enter below interface. 

There is ID, DATE, DATE LIMIT 3 parts need you to set.

Step 1: put any random 4-figure number in ID, here we put as 1234.

Step 2: set DATE same as your local date and time. Our local time is 2018 11 05th.

Step 3: DATE LIMIT stands for expiry date of machine, set if in format of YY-MM-DD.

here we have putted it as 181105 (same as our current local date)

Since the local date and expiry date we set are same, so after we turn off machine and turn it on again, machine will  immediately ask for password.

We will send distributor below APP to generate password

Open the APP, put the same ID  shown in the lock interface, then put a new expiry date in format of YYYY-MM-DD, here we have put 2018 12 05, which means it only allows client use machine till 2018 11 05th.

Then click generate password, APP will offer a password

Then ask client to put this password in system

After put the correct password, client will be able to use it again!

And in below setting interface, below shows the expiry date.

If you don't need password lock function, please set ID and DATE LIMIT as 0, so that machine will not asking for any password, and client can use machine forever.