1. Booting interface

After turning on the machine, the first interface will be the booting interface. 

In this interface we can customize for clients to put client LOGO in a short animation here.

We can put machine model name or client advertising slogen or anything that client want to put.

The booting interface will stay for about 2 seconds to allow machine start-up, and then will go to the next interface.

2. Diode laser 808nm machine welcome

Here it will shows what system is for this machine. This is diode laser 808nm system

The sign in the middle right leads to the setting interface. Click the handpiece sign to go to next interface.

3. Choose male or female, and choose skin type

In this interface it gives 5 skin types for woman and 5 skin types for man. Choose according to your need, it will lead to next interface.

4. Choose hair thickness

We offer 3 options for hair thickness. In China, for beard or armpit usually we choose the thick hair; for leg and arm usually we choose middle hair; and for lip we usually choose thin hair. Here please choose according to your client.

5. Choose treatment area

Here we offer many different treatment areas, choose according to your need.

If in this interface there is no the area you need, please choose a similar area then.

6. The main treatment interface

And now we are in the main treatment interface. After you choose gender, hair type, treatment area, our intelligent software will automatically give your a pre-set parameter for the treatment.

For the begginers it is totally ok to directly use our pre-set parameters. For the very professional clients and the clients who is already very familiar with our system, client can adjust parameter according to the demand.

Above are all the interfaces for the treatment. 

And below will introduce the main parameter interface in details to show you what does each sign mean and how you can adjust them according your own demand.

The main interface has 7 functional sections, please see below:

① Energy density
② Parameter setting area
③ Monitoring system
④ Alarming system
⑤ Treatment records saving
⑥ Counter
⑦ Standby button

Below introduce what are the parameters are. And you can adjust the energy density by clicking the "+" or "-" sign behand each sign. 

Below introduce what does each sign stands for in the alarming system, and gives solution to if alarming occurs.

Kindly notice that this alarming system is a system to protect machine to work better and work longer time. It monitoring if every part of machine is in perfect status or not, if there is anything doesn't accordence with our recommanded, it will start alarming.

Machine alarming doesn't means machine is broken or machine has problem. On the contrary, it is a way to protect machine better. Alarming means there is something not good for the machine now and you need to adjust and keep machine always in a healthy working status. If use machine in correct way, our machine diode laser never burn and has super long lifespan.

For example, if water impurities start alarming, it means there is too much impurities in the water and this is not good for water. In this case you should change to new water and then use machine. 

If have any futher questions about how to use this machine, please don't hesitate to get help by contacting WhatsApp (+86 15001314173) or our online inquiry system in the website! We will reply you within 24 hours!