The system can be installed in hospitals, medical clinics and beauty salons, little preparation is needed before installation. 

The system should be installed and commissioned by professional and technical personnel authorized by our company.

Installation Steps

(Take vertical diode laser as example. These steps also suitable for other models from Stelle Laser Company)

1) Carefully open the package of the machine, place the machine in a preselected position

2) Take out the handle bracket, and install it in the corresponding position, check whether the connection is good or not, shown as below picture.

3) Plug in the power cable


4) Insert the switch key 

5) Pedal installation


6) Add water

A. First prepare 8 liters distilled or purified water. Running water or mineral water is not allowed.

B. Unscrew the water inlet of the machine.

C. Unscrew the overflow (vents) at he back of the machine. You can fill in water only when the overflow(vents) is open.

D. Fill in water with the water funnel delivered along with the machine. See below steps:

       1. Insert A into B;

2. Fill water to water funnel and observe water viewing window. (Use purified water or water without hydrogen, strictly prohibited mineral water and tap water!)


Note: Replace water every month. 

E. Fill in water until the overflow(vents) overflows, shows the water is enough. You can also observe by the water level viewing window.

F. Do not tighten the overflow mouth at first, please wait until the machine finish debugging, then tighten the overflow mouth. The inside of the machine is a closed water loop, if tighten overflow mouth at first, there will be air inside the water tank,which will make water do not circulate, cause machine failure.


After the above water filling steps, please turn on machine and start using.

If have any futher questions about how to use install the machine, please don't hesitate to get help by contacting WhatsApp (+86 15001314173)E-mail ( or our online inquiry system in the website! We will reply you within 24 hours!