Product Name: APL1A - 1 Million Shots IPL SHR Machine

Model: APL1A

Filters: 480nm, 530nm, 640nm

Lamp: UK xenon lamp

Lifespan: 1 Million Shots IPL SHR Machine

Product description: 1. Super long lifespan, 1 Million Shots IPL SHR Machine 2. Suprior cooling effect, truly painless. 3. Big capacitors of 2*22000uf, strong and stable energy output.

Product details


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1. Super long lifespan, 1 Million Shots IPL SHR Machine
2. Suprior cooling effect, truly painless.
3. Big capacitors of 2*22000uf, strong and stable energy output.

ipl shr permanent hair removal machine with 1 million shots


portable IPL SHR machine technical data

Treatment Range

ipl laser hair removal can do whole body hair removal treatment and skin rejuvenation, acne treament

Inside Parts

insides parts of the IPL SHR laser hair removal machine

* 2 Korea importedorted water filters, to filter out the impurities and ions from water, so that can protect our UK xenon lamp very well, thus can greatly prolong the lifepsan of IPL.


* 2 big Japan imported capacitors, with each 22000uf, totally 44000uf.


* 2 thickest aluminum radiators plus 4 big fans to ensure the excellent heat dissipation effect. Heat dissipation system is very important for the lifespan and quality of the machine.

Copper radiator V.S. Alum radiator: some companies may use the copper radiator and say copper radiator is better. That is a huge mistake, indeed copper has better heat conductivity, but it also produce copper rust which is easy to pollute the water and burn the xenon lamp.


* 6L stainless water tank


* Latest brushless DC water pump, with lift 15m. Compare with the outdated magnetic drive pump, the brushless DC pump we use has much lower noise and much higher water flow speed. High water flow speed means it can take away the heat very quickly and protect the machine.


* Best power supply of Feimiao

* Schneider switches

Handle Inside

IPL handle inner structure with uk xenon lamp

Xenon lamp: UK imported Xenon lamp. With good and very stable quality.

Sapphire: big sapphire crystal ensures good cooling effect.

Cooling: Super good cooling effect ensures the treatment is truly painless and comfortable.

Water Circulation

excellent water circulation system makes good heat dissipation of IPL SHR machine

Operation Interface

easy and friendly operation of the IPL laser for depilation

  • 10.4’ true color touch screen.
  • Easy and friendly operation interface
  • Customer treatment saving system allows clinic save over 4000 treatment records
  • Newly added monitoring system will make after-sales job much easier and much faster. Of cause all our machines have been strictly tested before sending to clients, so it is not easy to have problem. But in case there is any problem in the future, engineer can firstly check the monitoring system to know which part is wrong, and then immediately change to new part for customer.
  • 10 languages available, more languages can be added according to customer demand
  • Free interface OEM service.
  • Can add your Logo
  • Click here to check detailed interface introduction and alarming system 

Password Lock function for renting business

It is a great function for distributors who have business of renting machines. It allows distributor to control the machine from a distance!


For example, Lily has rented this machine for 1 month, you can set a 1 month password for her. After 1 month the password will be invalid and machine will be locked. If Lily wants to continuously use machine, she must pay for you first. If she pay you 10 days, you can offer her a 10 days password, if she pay you 1 month, you can offer her a 1 month password.

It is very convenient for you to control your machines!

Besides, this function is also workable for installment clients!

How to use this function? Check here >> GO >>

Ours V.S. Others

why our IPL is better?

* Super long lifespan of 1 million shots.

* Super good cooling effect, truly painless

* Two working modes (has both IPL and SHR working modes, which means it can both emit light in single pulse and multipulse)

* Excellent water circulation system.

* Most advanced monitoring and alarming system

* User friendly software for simple or professional operation.

Product Display


mini ipl machine beauty device appearance

             Machine front                                Machine side                                 Machine back


super hair removal ipl shr handle

          Handle and filters                 15*50mm & 12*30mm spot size              Handle inside


super good cooling effect of our shr machine

Superior cooling effect, can reach -10 degrees within 1 min. Truly painless hair removal machine.


Q1: What's the package ?

A: Strong and beautiful aluminum alloy flight case for long distance transportation, inside with thick foam to protect machine.
strong flight case and thick foam for stelle laser beauty machine packing

Q2. What about the delivery time and method?

A: We will arrange dispatching within 3-7 working days after payment. (For the portable models, about 3-5 days; for the complicated multifunctional models, about 5-7 days). 

Usually we use DHL, Fedex, UPS, TNT air ship for clients, but if client need, we can also handle machine to forwarders.

Q3. Do you have after sale service or technology supports  for this 1 Million Shots IPL SHR Machine?
A: Yes,we have a professional technology supporting team for your timely services. We prepare the technical documents for you, also you can contact us by telephone, online chat (Skype, Google talk, MSN, Yahoo…).

Q4. Is it OK to print my logo on this 1 Million Shots IPL SHR Machine?
A: Yes. Please inform us formally before our production and confirm the design firstly based on our sample.

Q5: Do you offer guarantee for 1 Million Shots IPL SHR Machine?
A: Yes, for all our machines, we offer 12 months free warranty and lifetime after sales support to our products. Which means if machine has any problem within 1 year, we will send spare parts for free and we will take the shipping cost. However, if machine has any problem beyond 1 year, we will still offer free technical service, and for the spare parts we will only charge pure cost. We can promise that we will never get benefits by spare parts!

If have any further questions about this machine, please don't hesitate to contact our sales manager by  WhatsApp +86 15001314173  (Click to chat) or our online inquiry system in the website! We will reply you within 24 hours!