Advantages And FAQ about Laser Hair Removal

Studies show that practically 99% of the population shaves some part of the body, the most frequent areas being the armpits, legs and groin.

laser hair removal is a treatment that is carried out in a specialized aesthetic clinic, which is designed to eliminate body hair, achieving permanent hair removal, for which an advanced laser is used that allows to achieve in this way that the process is both safe and fast, painless and highly efficient. Diode Laser machine with 808nm or triple wave is most frequently used for such treatments.laser hair removal is recommended

Laser hair removal is a type of treatment through which hair is removed from the root, for which a specific laser is used that emits light that is absorbed by melanin. Diode Laser is mostly famous for such laser hair removal treatments.

Due to the heat that is generated, the hair follicles are damaged, which prevents hair growth, or at least, it is possible to delay it for very long periods.

First, we must go to our trusted laser hair removal center to carry out an initial study and, in this way, they can resolve all our doubts in a personalized way.

Once we are going to start, we should proceed by shaving the area to be worked well.

Based on the patient’s skin and hair type, a type of laser will be chosen and the parameters will be adjusted to achieve the best possible results.

Once everything is ready, it will be time to start the process, so both the hair remover and the patient must protect themselves with glasses, after which the laser will begin to be applied.

Keep in mind that a cooling system is used in certain areas, with the aim of reducing both redness and pain.

Once the session is over, a moisturizing cream is applied that will help calm the entire area, thus reducing subsequent redness.

To calculate the number of sessions that we are going to need to get rid of body hair, it is important that we take into account different factors that are:

The area that we are going to depilate with laser.

Characteristics of our hair.

Type of laser used.

In this sense, depending on the characteristics of each patient, we may need from 3 sessions to 6 sessions for mostly patients, and even 10 sessions in the most complicated cases.

As a general rule, there will be between six and eight sessions in total.

The duration of each laser session will depend on the area to be treated, and as an example the following will serve:

Upper lip: approximately 5 minutes.

Armpits: approximately 15 minutes.

Back: approximately 20 minutes.

Legs: approximately 30 minutes.

We will have to undergo several sessions in the laser hair removal center, and in this sense, depending on the part of the body that we are going to wax, they can be carried out within six weeks in the case of simpler areas, and even three months for the most complicated or those that offer greater resistance.

Depending on the area that we treat in the aesthetic clinic, we can talk about permanent or only temporary hair removal.

In most of the body, if we carry out all the necessary sessions, the usual thing is to completely finish with the hair, with which we would speak of a permanent hair removal.

However, in some cases it is possible that some hairs have managed to survive, so that much later, they can reappear, with which you only have to carry out a maintenance session and they will finally disappear completely.

In the area of the face is where we cannot speak of permanent hair removal, since on the face there is not only more hair than can be seen, but hormonally, it is also much more resistant, so it will generally end up coming out again, although in very long periods of time, so we will have to carry out maintenance sessions to finish it off.

There are other areas that are also quite resistant, such as the neckline and neckline, the lower back and the linea alba.

In the case of men, practically all areas are resistant, so it is much more common to have to resort to maintenance sessions.

One of the advantages of laser hair removal is that any area of the body can be treated, although experts advise against doing it in the periocular area due to the risks.

To undergo laser hair removal, we must meet minimum ages that are:

Men: from 18 years old.

Women: from the age of 15, and always at least one year after the first menstruation.

Laser hair removal and tattoos

People who are tattooed can laser hair removal without any problem, but keep in mind that the tattoo is usually affected, so it is a detail that we must value.

The side effects that can be observed when carrying out laser hair removal are the following:

Tingling sensation.

Very mild pain.

Slight swelling.

Redness of the area.

Small hemorrhages and bruises.

mild itching

Laser hair removal is not painful as a general rule, although there are cases in which some patients may have greater sensitivity, especially in areas that are already more sensitive, for which cold or even anesthetic creams are used before performing. the treatment.

What is noticeable during the process are sensations of cold and heat, which can be a bit annoying but do not rise to the category of pain.

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Both during and after the treatment is finished, we must follow some very simple recommendations to avoid unnecessary discomfort, which will be the following:

Avoid sunbathing on depilated areas.

Use sunscreen on the parts that have been waxed to increase protection.

Apply moisturizers.

Remember to always follow the instructions of the professional in charge of the process, since in some patients additional care may be considered to reduce side effects.

Advantages and disadvantages of opting for laser hair removal

We now go on to assess the main advantages and disadvantages of using laser hair removal.

These are the main advantages of laser hair removal:

You can forget about waxing.

It is a very safe system with minimal risks.

From the first session, we will begin to see results.

Improves the condition of the skin.

You no longer have to spend money on razors or hair removal products, so it pays off in the short term.

It is also important to note the dangers of laser hair removal:

It is a treatment that has its risks, so it should only be carried out by qualified personnel in a specialized aesthetic clinic.

If applied wrongly, it can cause irritation, burns and even small scars.

It should not be applied in the periocular area, as it can negatively affect the eyes.

Thanks to laser hair removal, hair is no longer a problem for a large number of men and women who have decided to opt for this method, which offers great safety, important advantages and minimizes risks, becoming one of the the most requested alternatives today.

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