Difference Between Elight SHR IPL?

What Are The Elight SHR IPL?


IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light and is a type of light treatment that uses strong pulses of light to stimulate or treat various issues within the skin.

IPL machine usually equipped with different filters for different treatments. The typical filters are: 480nm filter for acne treatment, 530nm filter for photofacial and vascular treatment, 560nm filter for pigmentation therapy, 640nm for hair removal of fair to medium skin, and 690nm filter for hair removal of medium to dark skin tone


Elight is the combination of  IPL technology and RF technology.

RF is short for RadioFrequency, has good effect in skin tightening. RF therapy is a nonsurgical approach of tightening your pores and skin. It using RF wave energy to warm the deep layer of your skin called your dermis. This warmness stimulates the production of collagen.

E-light is also usually with several changeable filters.


SHR stands for Super Hair Removal. It is an variant of IPL that only focusing on fast hair removal treatment. Usually SHR is fixed with 640nm filter especially focus on hair removal treatment.

Although IPL with 640nm filter can also do hair removal, but the different is SHR is with fixed 640nm filter while IPL is with changeable 640nm filter. This lead to SHR lose less energy during the transmission and can get a better hair removal result than IPL devices.

What Is The Difference Between Elight Shr Ipl?


  1. E-light, SHR and IPL, they are based on the same technology of Intense Pulsed Light to achieve the function of hair removal, skin rejuvenation.
  2. E-light, SHR and IPL, they can reach 10 HZ flashes each second.
  3. E-light, SHR and IPL, they are all very safe and fast.
  4. E-light, SHR and IPL, their apperance can be exactly same if just look from outside, which means just from outside you can not tell it is E-light machine or SHR machine or IPL machine.



  1. E-light = IPL + RF. Which means E-light has more function than IPL. Except all the funtions IPL have, E-light also has RF function, i.e., E-light also has face lifting and body lifting function.
  2. Inside machine, E-light has both IPL power supply and RF power supply. While in IPL machine, there is only a IPL power supply.
  3. In the interface E-light has both IPL and RF parameter, but IPL machine only has IPL parameter.
  4. SHR machine is only with a fixed hair removal filter in the handle, no other functions. But regarding of the hair removal effect, SHR is better than both Elight and IPL.
  5. Price is also different.

Which Machine Is Better For Me?

  • If you only need hair removal function and skin rejuvenation function, we suggest to choose portable IPL machine. Our best seller APL1D model can exactly meet all your demand.
  • If you not only need hair removal function and skin rejuvenation function, but also need face or body lifting function, we suggest to choose portable E-light machine, such as APL1B model
  • If you only need hair removal function, we suggest you to buy SHR machine

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