Beauty Machine Operation Interface for DPL4

What is DPL4 machine?

DPL4 is a the ultimate multifunctional beauty system that combines 4 systems to 1 machine (Diode Laser + ND Yag Laser + E-light IPL + RF) and with 1 machine it can cover over 10 functions: 

-Laser Hair Removal

-Acne Treatment

-Photo Rejuvenation

-Skin Whitening

-Ipl Hair Removal

-Pigmentation Treatment

-Vascular Removal

-Tattoo Removal

-Mole Removal

-Carbon Peeling

-Wrinkle Removal

-Body Lifting

– Nail fungus treatment


Thank you for choosing our 4 in 1 laser and below is the training guide for this machine. Hope you enjoy it!

DPL4 4 in1 beauty machine feedback 2 2
4 in 1 Laser in UK salon

Booting Interface

After turning on the DPL4 machine, the first interface will be the booting interface.

beauty machine booting interface

In this interface we can customize for clients to put client LOGO in a short animation here.

We can put machine model name or client advertising slogen or anything that client want to put.

The booting interface will stay for about 2 seconds to allow machine start-up, and then will go to the next interface.

DPL4 4 in 1 multifunctional machine interface

DPL4 machine is multifunctional beauty machine combining 4 systems to 1 machine.

Handle 1: Diode Laser 808nm standard / 808 755 1064nm optional

Handle 2: ND yag laser with 532nm 1064nm and 1320nm tips

Handle 3: E-light with single pulse and multipulse modes, with 480nm, 530nm and 640nm filters

Handle 4: RF with 3 treatment heads

And with 1 machine it can cover all below functions:

  1. all skin types hair removal byDiode Laser
  2. skin rejuvenation byDiode Laser
  3. acne treatment by E-light in 480nm
  4. skin rejuvenation and vein removal by E-light 530nm
  5. hair removal by E-light 640nm
  6. red, green and yellow tattoo removal by nd yag laser 532nm tip
  7. black, cyan and blue tattoo removal by nd yag laser 1064nm tip
  8. carbon peeling by nd yag laser 1320nm tip
  9. eye round, face and body lifting by RF

Choose handpiece and it will leads to corresponding system.

1. Diode Laser System

choose diode laser icon choose gender and skin tone choose hair thickness choose hair removal area set hair removal parameters


Our system is intelligent. It will automatically offers the pre-set parameter based on your previous selection.
For the beginers it is totally ok to directly use our pre-set parameters.
For the technician who is familiar with our system, it is very easy to adjust the parameters by clicking the “+” and “-” sign behand each line.

2. Nd Yag Laser System

choose nd yag laser icon choose treatment type set tattoo removal parameters 1

3. Ice RF System

choose rf icon set RF parameters

4. E-Light IPL SHR System

choose elight icon choose filter and functions choose working mode and set parameters

As a global beauty salon owner or beauty machine distributor, DPL4 model is a must-have machine for your business, providing a range of treatments for all skin types, including hair removal, skin rejuvenation, acne treatment, vein removal, and tattoo removal.

If you still don’t have one, please feel free to contact us now to learn more about this beauty laser. Our professional sales team will offer you tailored recommendations according to your demands!

Stelle Laser is professional beauty machine manufacturer in China. We produce and sell Diode laser hair removal machineElos SHR OPT IPL photorejuvenation machine, ND Yag Laser tattoo removal and pigment treatment machine, Carbon Peel machine, CO2 Fractional Laser and Multifunctional beauty machines combining above handles. Looking for cooperatation with more global agents. If you interested in getting more information, please feel to drop us an inquriy!

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