Ever heard of a Hollywood Carbon Peel Facial

Hollywood Carbon Peel Facial Machine is very effective for treating acne, melasma, and enlarged pores. Improves skin’s texture, tone and elasticity while also reversing sun damage, acne scarring, age spots, and freckles.

Hollywood Carbon Peel Facial treatment

What Does Hollywood peel Do Exactly?

  1. Unique skin rejuvenation
  2. Acne all types
  3. Large pores
  4. Sun Damage
  5. Remove fine wrinkles
  6. Remove hyperpigmentation
  7. Melasma
  8. Yellow or oily skin
  9. Removes acne scars

How The Hollywood Carbon Peel Works

First, a layer of carbon lotion is applied to your skin. Once the mask is set, the Adonyss PrismaLaze Q-Switch laser is moved over the skin.

It works in two ways:

(1) by breaking up the pigmentation in the skin, which allows it to be removed by the body

(2) by heating the skin, which triggers the production of collagen and elastin.

You may hear some snapping sounds as the laser moves across the surface of your skin, and you may feel some warmth or mild tingling, but the procedure is comfortable and doesn’t even require a topical anesthetic. The majority of our patients report no pain at all.

As the laser moves over your skin, it takes off the carbon layer along with a superficial layer of skin cells. The best part? The entire treatment time is only approximately 10 minutes!

If you have any questions about our carbon peel lasers, please feel free to contact us!

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