The First Choice for Laser Hair Removal

Smooth long legs, hot waist… It can always easily become the beautiful focus in the crowd!

But for the “Hairy Planet Citizen” who have too much body hair, once they go out on the street, it will be a disaster!

The Embarrassing Moment Of “Hairy Planet Citizen”

1. Lip hair: the unpleasant “mustache”

She clearly wears a beautiful face, but she has a “mustache” around her lips, which is really unpleasant!

And the fairer the skin, the more “conspicuous” it is, and the makeup can’t cover it, making it difficult for people not to notice!

2. Leg hair: too unsightly “scud legs”

A pair of slender and graceful big legs, if they are covered with thick hair…

Others show their legs and you show their hair. Just thinking about this “flying scud” picture, you can’t bear to look directly at it, do you have it?

3. Armpit hair: the embarrassing “Black Forest”

Armpit hair can be said to be the “number one annoyance” for many girls. When you raise your hand inadvertently, the dark and thick “Black Forest” is also shown unscrupulously, not to mention how embarrassing…

4. Arm hair: the ridiculed “Tomboy”

Originally, there was no doubt that she was a “gender girl”, but when she stretched her arm, she instantly had a sense of “tomboy”.

“Aha, shouldn’t you be a “Women’s Clothing Boss”? ”

Hearing these unexpected words, I almost spit out a mouthful of salt soda…

5. Bikini hair: “embarrassing hair” that can’t be hidden

Want to wear a sexy bikini on the beach?

However, the hair in the bikini area is always too wild, and the usual little Nei can’t restrain her at all!

Detours That Have Been Taken In Hair Removal

If you want to become the focus, all ladies have to do whatever they can to get rid of their hair first.

But when it comes to hair removal, do the old methods that are commonly used really work?

1. Razor

Use razor to wax leg hairrazor waxing

If you use a razor, you may accidentally cause a “bleeding accident”, and it often takes a long time to shave off the surface of the hair shaft. It won’t take long for the new stubble to grow again.

So you have to shave every three days and then, the hairs would only get thicker, harder, and darker, and even ingrown hairs (hairs curled up during the growth process, buried in the horny and unable to grow out, leaving an ugly black stubble), hurts the stratum corneum of the skin, sigh!

razor wax may cause skin inflamation

2. Hair Removal Cream / Hair Removal Wax

If the razor doesn’t work, try depilatory cream/beeswax again?

However, the main purpose of depilatory cream is to soften and dissolve the hair structure through the chemical substances in it. Commonly used ingredients such as calcium thioglycolate, once used too much, can easily lead to skin allergies and infections, not only damage to the stratum corneum, but also cause folliculitis!

And beeswax hair removal is to pull out the hair by “tearing” after the wax is combined with the hair shaft. When you use it, it is a stimulus. The moment you tear it off, it hurts so much…

The final result of hair removal is not satisfactory! Because “the grass is cut and the roots are not removed” it will regrow again and again and again!

Make Correct Choice For Hair Removal !

So what is the way to get rid of the annoying “hairy monster”?

In fact, if you want to completely remove hair, it is not enough to only do “superficial work”. What we need to do is to “completely destroy the hair follicle structure”.

laser hair removal is recommended

laser hair removal is the best choice for hairy people!

Not only can it relieve hair troubles in a targeted manner, but the effect is even more powerful than you think!

Stelle Laser has such a “hair removal artifact” – Latest Generation Intelligent Diode Laser hair removal instrument, everyone just loves it!


“Less painful, less troublesome, quick-resulting, lifetime permanent hair removal ……” It can meet all your expectations!

“Gold Standard” diode laser, directly focus on the hair follicle

As the most advanced permanent laser hair removal method at present, this Latest Generation Intelligent Diode Laser hair instrument system uses the most advanced hair removal laser – hybrid triple wave laser that combines 755nm 808nm and 1064nm wavelength together and with highly concentrated energy.

Using the principle of selective photothermolysis of the laser, the beam emitted by the laser can penetrate the skin layer directly to the hair follicle roots of different positions and depths due to its stronger aiming and deeper penetration. Targeted destruction of hair follicle targets, only precise sniping of melanin.

808nm laser hair removal principle

When the abundant melanin tissue in the hair follicle absorbs enough laser energy, the temperature rises sharply, the hair follicle structure is irreversibly damaged, and the hair follicle and hair shaft are completely “directed blasting”.

At the same time, the laser energy will also be converted into heat energy, using the principle of thermal diffusion to “scald” the base of hair growth – the hair bulb tissue (including the hair mother cells that nurture hair and the dermal papilla that provide nutrition). “Drawing from the bottom of the pot” can make the hair lose its nutritional source, inhibit hair regeneration from the root for a long time, and make hair removal cleaner!

In this process, since the surrounding skin absorbs relatively little laser energy, or absorbs only a very small amount of laser energy, thermal damage to the skin itself can be effectively avoided.

The triple wavelength makes it good at all skin tones and hair types!

1200W ultra-high energy, the hair is gone without a trace!

Whether laser hair removal can achieve the best results depends on whether the energy is sufficient!

If the energy is not enough, you will retreat without getting to the dermal papilla, which will not only “return without success”, but may also form “little black spots” on the skin.

In the safe range, only when the pulse energy is high enough, can a precise strike be achieved, and the hair follicles can be directly focused on, and the hair follicles can be “disconnected” to permanently stop the growth of hair, and finally achieve the effect of “no grass growing”.

diode laser CH latest hair removal technologyLatest hair removal technology

Compared with the traditional 808 laser,this Latest Generation Intelligent Diode Laser hair instrument has unparalleled advantages. It adopts the pure AuSn aser bars imported from Germany, the energy output is more stable.

In addition, the ultra-high energy of 1200W and the very large spot size of 30*15mm are adopted. The light spot rate reaches 10hz, which can efficiently and sensitively destroy hair follicles quickly, and achieve 360° hair removal without dead ends!

And besides, we offer totally 3 changeable treatment tips to cover all areas’ treatment: Big tip for large area like back or chest hair removal; middle tip for middle area treatment like facial hair removal lip hair removal; mini tip make it possible to do hair removal for nose and ear, which is 100% unique in the market!

Intelligent recognize, hair removal is more efficient and safe

diode laser CH with 3 spot sizesDiode Laser – Intelligent Recognition

This Latest Generation Intelligent Diode Laser hair removal device is equipped with real-time intelligent CPU control, which not only has stable performance and long service life, but also can automatically recognize which treatment tip you have putted to the handle and offers the pre-set parameters according to the tip and treatment area, which greatly reduces the number of treatments while taking into account the safety. .

Gentle and painless hair removal to ensure zero frostbite

diode laser CH super cooling effect

In addition, the instrument also adopts advanced TEC+ sapphire skin contact cooling technology, which controls the cooling temperature always staying -4°C even during the long time treatment. The super great cooling system cools the skin properly during the hair removal process, is painless and ensures zero frostbite, the whole process is mild and non-irritating, and there is no obvious stinging and burning sensation!

Convenient, intelligent and user-friendly

easy interface for professional diode laser

Intelligent interface, easy to use, simple to operate, and very friendly to operators!

High cost performance and good after-sales service

This new generation hybrid smart diode laser hair removal device is independently developed, produced and sold by Stelle Laser company. It has complete qualifications, safe and reliable quality, and can be supplied directly by the manufacturer. We can directly reduce your business cost and offer a much higher ROI!

In addition, we will also provide comprehensive after-sales services, such as free guidance for instrument installation + operation + maintenance, one-year warranty for the whole machine, and lifetime free after-sales service…

The golden season of hair removal is just about start, do not hesitate to contact us to buy this device now! You will get back the investment very soon! 

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