Beauty Machine Maintenance

Take care of your machine, it will feed you back!

Regular Beauty Machine Maintenance is essential to ensure their smooth functioning and longevity. Daily maintenance tasks include inspecting the device for any signs of wear and tear, cleaning it thoroughly, and checking for any loose or damaged parts.

It is important to note that only personnel who have been trained and approved should carry out maintenance work on the device. Attempting to manipulate the machine or perform maintenance tasks without proper training can not only cause damage to the device but also pose a safety hazard to the operator and the clients.

Any unauthorized maintenance work can also void the warranty of the laser device, leaving the owner to bear the cost of repairs or replacement. Therefore, it is crucial to strictly adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines for maintenance and refrain from carrying out any other maintenance work not described in the manual.

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Beauty Machine Maintenance - Safety Information

1. The Beauty Machine Maintenance must be operated in a well-conditioned room with a room temperature of 20~30℃.

2. Do not place the beauty machine in a damp place or close to water, or in a place subject to sunlight or magnetic radiation.

3. It is forbidden to spill liquids (water, acids, 2. oils, etc.) on the device.

4. Do not open the device to persons who do not have permission to repair the device.

5. It is forbidden to use a power cord with damaged insulation.

6. It is not recommended to operate the beatuy device by persons who do not have the special education necessary for proper operation of the device.

7. It is forbidden to make any changes to the design of the apparatus under warranty.

Beauty Machine Maintenance - Read Before Operation

1. After receiving the machine, check beauty machine appearance and all spare parts carefully. If there is anything abnormal please feel free to contact us.

2. If the machine was transported in sub-zero temperatures, then it is necessary to allow the machine to stand at the room with temperature 20~30℃ for 12 to 24 hours, depending on the duration of being at sub-zero temperatures.

3. Check the voltage at the socket before turning on the machine.

4. Please connect all handles according to the tags in each connector correctly.

5. For the machines requires water to work, it is very important to put only distilled water to machine. Tap water and mineral water is 100% not allowed!

6. Make sure to add water till it overflows from the vent! (Machine can also working at half tank of water, but it is very harmful for machine, will lead to machine lifespan reduce.)

7. Always keep vent loosen!

8. Keep water clean and change water every 20-30 days (distilled water only).

9. Change water filters every 1 year, or whenever the water flow sign (fan icon) alarms.

10. After 3 hours of continuous operation of the machine, let it rest for 5 minutes, so you will avoid the possibility of a malfunction of the machine.

11. Do not leave the machine in standby mode, as this may damage the machine.

12. Keep filters, handle and hoses clean! If after the procedure you notice that the gel, oil has collected in sufficient quantities, clean the filter and the handle.

13. Clean the handle after each use by wiping with a damp cloth soaked in an alcohol-free disinfectant.

14. For IPL with changeable filters, always make sure there is a filter installed to the handle to prevent dust from entering inside the handle.

15. For diode laser CH type, always make sure there is a treatment tip putted to the handle to prevent dust going inside the handle. And for the treatment tips that not in use, always remember to put cover the lid to prevent dust from entering inside.

16. When operate the beauty machine, always remember to wear the proper protective goggles protect the eyes.

17. Use only original accessories / spare parts offered by the Stelle Laser.

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