Intelligent Diode Laser - CH

The Intelligent Diode Laser third generation series from Stelle Laser represents the pinnacle of diode laser hair removal technology. Featuring intelligent 3D treatment tips and advanced cooling, this durable, versatile machine delivers supremely effective and comfortable treatments.


Key Features:

• Triple wavelengths of 755nm, 808nm and 1064nm target all hair colors and skin types uniformly

• Intelligent 3D hair removal treatment tips optimize energy delivery for maximum hair damage while minimizing risk of side effects

• Special connecting way made amazing cooling effect to ensure patient comfort during treatments

• LCD touch screen interface allows easy operation and monitoring of real-time temperature

• Premium medical-grade components and stringent QC testing for maximum durability and reliability


The Intelligent Diode Laser is ideal for high-end salons, medical spas and dermatology clinics seeking the very latest in advanced hair removal technology. The triple wavelength design means virtually all clients can be treated effectively and comfortably.


If you are looking for the ultimate hair removal solution for your salon, the Intelligent Diode Laser represents the pinnacle of performance, speed, precision and comfort. Please contact us for more information or a custom quotation.

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