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To make high and stable quality beauty lasers, Stelle Laser Company has very strict quality control system from spare parts to worker, from assembling procedures to machine aging test. In every aspect we pursue best of the best. Only aiming at offering first-class beauty devices to worldwide clients.

Best Spare Parts Ensures Quality Beauty Lasers

Stelle Laser has build a long term cooperation relationship with many world brand material suppliers, such as US Coherent (now US Coherent and German Dilas are one company, the same brand. For more information, please check ), UK Fristlight, France Schneider, Japan HCG Hitachi, Italy Fluidotech, China best IPL power supply Flysec and Dazhi, Germany Ebmpapst etc..

 best brands for our spare parts

If you are worrying about quality, totally no need. For quality Stelle Laser can 100% ensure you!

Take our multifunctional beauty machine 4 in 1 laser for example, below please see its inner structure.

independent power supply for each system

To ensure high Quality Beauty Lasers, Our inner is very reasonable and every line is very clear.

For each system we use separate power supply instead of using one.

And for spare parts we also use the best:

spare parts

Our diode laser stack is from US Coherent, 100% pure AuSn laser bars, instead of the cheap Indium bars.

For our E-light IPL and nd yag we use UK xenon lamp, instead of cheap Chinese brand.

Our IPL capacitors we use Japan HCG company, it is most famous capacitors.

For power supply we use best brand Feimiao and Dazhi.

All other companies don’t have water filters for IPL and nd yag laser machines, but we have, this can greatly prolong machine lifespan.

We also adapts solid-state relay, all other companies don’t have this in their machines either, but we have, this part can protect circuit better and prevent from power burning out.

Engineer That With High QC Demand

All our core control boards are self-developed. The man in below photo is the boss of Stelle Laser Company.

beaauty machine control board designing

He was head engineer of a one of the biggest and most famous beauty machine company of China. He has very high demand in machine structure design and for production workers.

He never use cheap parts for our machine, never sacrifice machine quality to price.

As you may understand, if boss is just a businessman, he cares for benefit most, but if boss is an engineer, he cares for quality most.

So for quality you can 100% believe us! In every aspect we pursue best of the best. Only aiming at offering first-class beauty devices to worldwide clients.

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