Double Cooling Diode Laser - AH

The Double Cooling Diode Laser first generation series from Stelle Laser is a professional hair removal system ideal for salons and clinics. This versatile diode laser features dual cooling system that allows for faster treatments with increased patient comfort.

Key features:

• Dual independent cooling systems keep the handpiece well cooled during treatments for optimal patient comfort

• Classical spot size of 15×15 mm delivers fast treatments while covering a wide area in each pulse

• Multiple energy levels from 1-166 J/cm2 to treat all skin types safely and effectively

• Easy to use control panel and intuitive LED display makes the device simple to operate for all staff

• Premium quality at an affordable price, backed by Stelle Laser’s after sales support and service

The Double Cooling Diode Laser series is well suited for salons and clinics looking for a reliable, easy to use hair removal solution for your clients. Stelle Laser has over 10 years of experience manufacturing professional beauty equipment and we stand behind the quality and performance of all our devices.

If you have any other questions about the Double Cooling Diode Laser or if you’d like to receive a custom quotation, please contact us and one of our professional sales team will respond promptly.

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