980 nm Diode Laser Vascular Removal Machine

980 Nm Diode Laser Vascular Removal Machine

VR1 produced by Stelle Laser is the best 980 nm Diode Laser Vascular Removal Machine that works instantly with superb effect in spider vein, Broken Capillaries and Varicose Veins Removal. It can also do nail fungus removal. Suitable for both professional salons and personal home use.

980 nm Diode Laser Vascular Removal Machine

Machine Model:  VR1

Beauty System Type: 980 nm Diode Laser Vascular Removal Machine

Technology: 980nm diode laser fiber coupled technology

OEM/ ODM: Available

Shipping to Worldwide by: DHL, UPS, FedEx, etc

How Does 980 Nm Diode Laser Vascular Removal Machine Work?

980 nm Diode Laser Vascular Removal Machine using 980nm wavelength, which is the optimum absorption spectrum of Porphyrin vascular cells.

Vascular cells absorb the high- energy laser of 980nm wavelength, solidification occurs, and finally dissipated.

To overcome the traditional laser treatment redness large area of buming the skin, professional design hand-piece, enabling the Vascular Removal Machine 980nm laser beam is focused onto a 0.2-0.5mm diameter range, in order to enable more focused energy to reach the target tssue, while avoiding bum the surrounding skin tissue.

980nm vascular removal working principle

Laser can stimulate the dermal collagen growth while vascular treatment, increase epidermal thickness and density, so that the small blood vessels are no longer exposed, at the same time, the skin’s elasticity and resistance is also significantly enhanced.

Benefits Of Vascular Removal Machine

 980nm laser handle

  • Powerful: Super high power 30W instead of the cheap 10W machine
  • Safety: Accurate aiming point, no truama easy to do after care
  • Efficient – Fast treatment within minutes
  • Convenient: Easy to use in both professional clinics and at home
  • Wide Application: 5 focus ring sizes for vascular removal machine work in full body; the additional head can also do the nail fungus removal therapy
  • Latest technology: 980 laser technology fiber coubled technology
  • Durable: No comsumable parts, unlimitted lifespan!

Spider Vein Removal Machine Treatment Range

980 nm Diode Laser Vascular Removal Machine comes with 5 focus rings for spider vein treatment and 1 tip for Onychomycosis treatment.

5 focus rings for thread vein removal treatment

Vascular Removal Head

The rings are used to adjust the spot size, the minimum spot is 0.2mm and the maximum spot is 3mm. In actual operation, select the appropriate focus ring as needed.

Ring sizes: 0.2mm, 0.5mm, 1mm, 2mm, 3mm

  • Vascular lesions
  • Spider veins
  • Linear angiotelectasis
  • Cherry angiomas
  • Facial telangiectasia removal
  • EVLT (Endonevous Vein Laser Treatment)
nail fugus removal machine

Onychomycosis Treatment Head

It uses the principle of laser to irradiate the disease with a laser to kill the fungus without destroying the normal tissue. It is suitable for all kinds of nails.

Laser treatment is as long as it is applied without side effects. To avoid adjacent nail infections, patients can use antifungal creams. Fingernails and toenails grow at different speeds, completely replacing a new nail, 100 days for fingernails, and about 300 days for toenails, so patience must be patient.

  • Onychomycosis Treatment
  • Nail fungus removal

Before & After

980 Nm Diode Laser Data

VQ1Best Vascular Removal Machine Diode Laser 980nm Laser
LifespanUnlimitted shots
Spot Size0.2mm/0.5mm/1mm/2mm/3mm
Laser SourceUS Coherent
Cooling SystemWater + Air + TEC + Sapphire
Standby WorkingContinuous stand-by working for 10-12 hours
Machine Gross Weight20kg
Packing Size50*50*45cm


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