Beauty Machine Warranty

1 Year Free Warranty & Lifetime Free After-Sales Support

1 Year Free Beauty Machine Warranty

All our beauty machines have been strictly tested before sending to client, so it is really not likely to have problem.

But in case it has any problem, Stelle Laser offers 1 year FREE Beauty Machine Warranty and lifetime after sales service. Which means, within 1 year, we will offer free spare parts, and we will bare the shipping cost. 

And besides, our software has very good Spare Part Monitoring System and Alarming System. It makes after sales very easy, you even not need a professional engineer.

Below please see how they makes after sales job much easier.

Spare Parts Monitoring System

It makes Beauty Machine Warranty after-sales job much easier and much faster. Here i explain how it will help:

beauty machine warranty monitoring system

There are 5 lines, each line stands for a specific part in the machine.

S12V stands for control voltage

D12V stands for control board

DOUT stands for cooling system

S24V stands for water pump

L12V stands for constant current power supply

In case there is any problem in the future, you can firstly check this monitoring system to know which part is wrong, and then we can send new parts accordingly very fast.

Alarming System

beauty machine alarming systemp interface 1

Alarming system is designed for a faster reply in Beauty Machine Warranty issues.

1 is water level, 2 is water temperature, 3 is water flow speed, 4 is water impurities, 5 is handle button status.

For example, if water filter is too dirty need to be change, 3 will alarming to remind you change water filter.

If machine can not Standby, 5 will alarming to remind you need to release the handle button first.

In shot, this is a very easy system for clients.

How To Apply Free Beauty Machine Warranty Part?

If machine has any problem, please take video to show the problem and send the Serial Number of this machine to our sales manager. Sales manager will apply the free part to client accordingly and confirm the shipping address. Then we will arrange spare part shipping by DHL/ UPS/ Fedex/TNT or any other ways approved by the client. After about 5-7 days client will receive the warranty parts.

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