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Stelle Laser Review On Diode Laser Machines

Diode Laser hair removal machine highlights:

  • From portable to vertical, 300W to 1800W, with 4 diode laser handle options and over 10 different shell designs. Over 30 different diode laser models for you to choose!
  • Superb cooling effect ensures truly painless hair removal treatment and amazing effect can be seen after first sessiona depilation treatment.
  • US Coherent and German Dilas pure AuSn laser bars, super long 20 million shots lifespan at least 5 years normal using!
  • Prolonged 2 years warranty for the diode laser stack, only we can do!

Diode Laser Best Seller:

Stelle Laser Review On Elos IPL SHR OPT Machines

Elos SHR OPT hair removal machine highlights:

  • Unbelievable super long lifespan 1 million shots!!! It’s such a breakthrough!!!
  • With 2 working modes: OPT mode and SHR mode. IPL OPT mode can emit light in multi-pulse from 1-6 hz. IPL SHR mode can emit light  in single pulse from 1-10 hz which also called fast flash mode.
  • UK lamp, 44000 uf capacitors, inside use extra water filters.


SHR OPT IPL Best Seller:

Stelle Laser Review On ND Yag Laser Machines

ND yag laser tattoo removal machine highlights:

  • Unbelievable super long lifespan 5 MILLION SHOTS!!! 
  • 1600mj super high energy, more powerful for pigmentation !
  • UK lamp with phi 6 yellow rod, 100% ensure quality!


ND Yag Laser Best Seller:

Stelle Laser Review On Multifunctional Beauty Lasers

7 Handles free combination to 2-4 handles multifunctional beauty machines.

Versatile combination such as:

Portable 2 in 1: Diode Laser + IPL, Diode Laser + ND Yag Laser, IPL +ND Yag Laser

Vertical 3 in 1: Diode Laser + Elos + ND Yag laser

Vertical 4 in 1: Diode Laser + Elos + ND Yag laser + RF



Multifunctional beauty machine best Seller:

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Stelle Laser is an innovate aesthetic & beauty machine manufacturer in China. We produce and sell Diode laser hair removal machine, IPL photorejuvenation machine, ND Yag Laser tattoo removal and pigment treatment machine, Carbon Peel machine, CO2 Fractional Laser and Multifunctional beauty machines combining above handles.

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