Beauty Machine Black Screen Solution

1) Confirm that the power switch or air switch at the machine’s power outlet is turned on.

The figure below shows the open.

ensure air switch is on

ensure air switch is turned on

2) Check if the lock and emergency stop of the machine are open.

After inserting the key, turn it to the right to open as shown below

ensure key is on

ensure key is turned on

The emergency stop button rotates in the direction of the arrow on it, and the button pops up to the open state. As shown below

ensure emergency button is popup

ensure emergency button is released

3)  Check if the instrument cooling fan is working


Put your hand on the cooling fan of the instrument to see if there is any wind blowing out. (The portable machine’s cooling fan is behind the instrument; the vertical machine’s cooling fan is behind the instrument or under the instrument)

a. Vertical beauty machine:

If the cooling fan is not work, proceed to step 6.

If the fan works, proceed to the next step.

b. Portable beauty machine:

If the cooling fan is not working, proceed to the next step.

If the fan works, proceed to step 7.

4) Check whether the power indicator on the control panel is on or not.

If it is on, please go to step 7.

If not, proceed to the next step.

check power indicator light

check power indicator light

5)  Check if the power supply of the control board has output.

The position and measurement point of the control panel powered switching power supply in the machine is as shown below.


Adjust the multimeter’s gear position to DC 20V and measure whether the switching power supply has 12V output.

check power supply has output or not

check power supply has output or not

If there is no 12V output, it means the switching power supply has problem. (Then no need to do the rest testings). Please contact our sales manager to buy or to get free switching power.

If there has 12V output, then please check the power supply line between the switching power supply and the control board.

6) Check the lock and emergency stop cable


1. Check whether the lock of the casing and the machine end and the emergency stop connection terminal are well connected or not.

2. Use a multimeter to measure the on and off of the lock and emergency stop line

7) Check if the screen cable is well connected or not.

If screen cable is well connected, then it means the touch screen may be damaged.

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