Commercial Laser Hair Removal Machine

Commercial Laser Hair Removal Machine 3 In 1 System: Diode Laser + Nd Yag Laser + IPL SHR OPT

Commercial Laser Hair Removal Machine that combines 3 systems to 1 machine: Diode laser hair removal system, nd yag laser tattoo removal system and IPL hair removal and photofacial system. 3 Systems has independant power supply inside and works for 8 beauty therapies. Shipping to worldwide!

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Machine Model:  DPL3F-AH

Beauty System Type: Commercial Laser Hair Removal Machine 3 in 1 System

  • System 1: Diode Laser (permanent laser hair removal)
  • System 2: ND Yag Laser (tattoo removal  and carbon peeling)
  • System 3: IPL SHR OPT (acne therapy, photorejuvenation, skin whitening, hair removal)

Suitable For: Professional beauty salons, clinics, medical centers

Certificates: FDA, Medical CE, CE, RoHS, ISO 13485

Highlights Of Commercial Laser Hair Removal Machine

  • Most advanced technology 3 in 1 Commercial Laser Hair Removal Machine, combine diode laser, q switched nd yag laser and E-light together!
  • Independent power supply for each system, ensures stable and excellent performance
  • Advanced monitoring system, safe and convenient
  • 10 languages available. Intelligent interface, easy to operate.
  • Equipped with Two filters for longer lifespan

Handles Details For Commercial Laser Hair Removal Machine 3 In 1 System

Diode Laser AH

diode laser AH hair removal

Diode Laser is best in permanent laser hair removal in Diode Laser Multifunctional Platform. It provides permanent effect and truly painless treatment.

  • Power: 500W
  • Spot Size: 15*15mm classical for full body hair removal therapy
  • Laser Stack: 100% pure AuSn laser bars from US Coherent
  • Lifespan: Ensure 20 million shots super long lifespan, at least 4-5 years normal using
  • 100% True Sapphire skin contacting cooling technology
  • Feature: Equipped with unique double cooling systems, treatment tip Sapphire skin contacting cooling plus the extra cooling tip  for  pre and post cooling for the hair removal area, ensure truly painless treatment.


IPL hair removal photo facial machine

Our E-light system will come with 5 changeable filters with different functions:

  1. 480nm~1200nm: Acne treatment
  2. 530nm~1200nm: Vascular treatment, photofacial for light skin.
  3. 590nm~1200nm: Pigmentation treatment, photofacial for dark skin.
  4. 640nm~1200nm: Hair removal for light skin
  5. 690nm~1200nm: Hair removal for dark skin

Also with below features:

  • Super long lifespan of 1 million shots (Amazing lifespan! Our competitor’s IPL only 300,000 shots, much shorter than ours!)
  • Xenon lamp from UK
  • Spot size: 15*50mm or 12*30mm
  • Working modes: SUPER mode 1-10 hz in 1 second and IPL mode 1-6hz in 1 second.

ND Yag Laser

NDYAG tattoo removal carbon peel

The ND Yag Laser system will come with 3 treatment tips:

Upgraded to 3 replaceable treatment tips:

  • 532nm: mainly for red and brown pigmention treatment, such as of epidermal pigmentation, freckles, solar lentiges, epidermal melasma, etc
  • 1064nm: mainly for black and blue pigmention treatment, such as tattoo removal, dermal pigmentation, Nevus of Ota, Hori’s Nevus etc
  • 1320nm: Non-ablative Laser Rejuvenation (NALR-1320nm) using carbon peel for skin rejuvenation

Also with below features:

  • Super long lifespan of 3 million shots
  • Xenon lamp from UK. Yag bar size Ø6
  • Energy: Up to 1600mj standard (Other similar machines only to 1000mj)
  • Frequency: 1-10hz fast treatment

User-Friendly Interface

Our Multifunctional beauty Laser System is user-friendly and comes with an intelligent operating system that ensures ease of use. 

Even if you are a novice, the software designed by our engineer with pre-set therapy parameters makes it easy to operate. 

Furthermore, it has an efficient monitoring system and alarming system that ensures you can deliver high-quality services safely.

The machine also offers 15 language options, making it perfect for diverse clientele. 

You’ll also appreciate the pre-set parameter treatment records saving and data saving feature to monitor client progress. 

We also offer a renting mode to help you cut down on overhead costs, making it easier to start your cosmetic laser business.

easy interface for beauty lasers
alarming system

Alarming System

Including water level alarming, water flow speed alarming, water temperature alarming, water impurity alarming and handle status alarming.

treatment record saving system

Record Saving System

Save up to 60000 clients treatment parameters. Allows to customize the best therapy parameter for each client!

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Lifespan 20 million shots 1 million shots 3 million shots
Power 500W for laser, 2000W for power 2000W 800W
Spot Size 15*15mm (25*25mm cooling tip) 15*50mm  (or 12*30mm) 1-10mm
Wavelength 808nm / 755 808 1064 mixed 480 / 530/ 590/ 640/ 690-1200nm 532/1064/1320nm
Energy Density 1-166J/cm2 E-light: 1-50J/cm2; SHR: 1-26J/cm2 1000mJ/cm2
Pulse Frequency 1-10Hz 1-10Hz 1-10Hz
Pulse Duration 10-400ms E-light: 1-10ms; SHR: 1-15ms 20-30ns
Laser Bars/ Lamp US Coherent laser bars UK Xenon lamp Φ6 + UK Xenon lamp
Cooling Level  Sapphire Crystal + Air + Closed Water Circulation + Semiconductor +TEC
Display  12.4 inch True Color LCD touchable Screen
Stand-by Working  Continuous stand-by working for 10-12hours
Electrical  100/110V, 50~60Hz, /230V~260V,50~60Hz
Gross Weight 75KG
Packing Dimension  63*60*116cm (W*D*H)

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Commercial Laser Hair Removal Machine 3 in 1 System

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