Medical Grade 3 Wave Diode Laser Hair Reduction Machine

This 3 wave diode laser is the most powerful portable permanent hair removal equipment with FDA and MDD MDR for all skin types full body depilation. It has large hair removal tips and very good TEC cooling technology ensures truly painless treatment.

This 3 wave diode laser stands for the most advanced technology of laser hair removal machine in the market now. It becomes the best seller ever since it launched to the market!

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Machine Model:  ALD1C-CH

Beauty System Type: 3 Wave Diode Laser

Wavelengths: Triple wavelengths mixed (755 808 1064)

Manufacturer: Stelle Laser

Suitable For: Professional spas, medical centers, clinics, hospitals

Diode Laser Hair Removal Device with the gold standard embraces a metal framework structure so that almost everything (power supply, water tank, control board, pump and much more) can be protected. The water circulation components and electric elements are separated. It is designed and examined by laser hair removal China producer – Stelle Laser.

The diode laser emitter is from Germany. The Germany diode laser bars have very long and durable lifespan. We utilizing Korea imported filter to clean and purify the water. A great water system can greatly prolong the lifetime of the diode laser hair removal device.

There are many advantages for diode laser hair removal, it is very important to choose a reliable diode laser for your salon.

3 Wave Diode Laser Features

Permanent and painfree hair removal is just the most basic requirement for a 3 wave diode laser. Besides the basic requirement, it also has all below unique features:

check mark icon 20 3 Replacement tips for different areas

check mark icon 20 3D smart tips, Intelligent recognition

check mark icon 20 Handle inbuilt real-time monitoring module

check mark icon 20 Big LED screen easy operation

check mark icon 20 360° Super cooling, always -4℃

check mark icon 20 Light-weighted handpiece

diode laser CH handle

3 Changeable Sizes

For 3 Wave Diode Laser handle, we offer 3 treatment tips to cover truly full body hair reduction:

  • Body tip: 15*30mm for back, chest, arm, leg, public area, belly hair removal etc.
  • Facial tip: 15*15mm for facial, lip, neck, finger, toe hair removal etc
  • Mini tip: Φ8mm for the treatment of area hard to reach, such as ears or nostrils

Intelligent Recognition

With the fantastic 3D magnetic technology of 3 treatment tips, you can put any tip and our 3 Wave Diode Laser will recognize which tip you have putted then automatically give the most recommended parameters for treatment.

If you are starters, you can directly use our pre-set parameters; if you are experience doctor, you can also adjust parameters via the handle touchscreen or the machine touchscreen according to your demand very easliy.

3 Wave Diode Laser: The Best Full Body Hair Removal Machine

big tip arm hair removal by diode laser

Body Tip: 30*15mm

For large area hair reduction, such as arm, leg, back, chest,armpit, bikini area etc

facial hair removal by diode laser

Facial Tip: 15*15mm

For smaller area hair reduction, such as facial hair, lip hair, neck hair removal etc

mini tip nose hair removal by diode laser

Mini Tip: 8mm

For hair reduction of area that is hard to reach, such as nose and ear hair removal etc

With unique 3 wave diode laser hair removal machine, hybrid triple waves are delivered to the hair follicles, damaging them. Once damaged, it will eventually fall. This is a step-by-step process that reduces the amount of hair in the area of ​​interest with each session. This hair loss treatment does not remove blond or gray hair as the laser only targets dark hair roots.

CH handle monitoring

Advanced Real-Time Monitoring System

check mark icon 20 Real-time voltage detecting

check mark icon 20 Real-time temperature of the treatment tip

check mark icon 20 Real-time pulse width detecting

check mark icon 20 Shoots counter for diode laser system


Triple Wave for All Skin Types!

ch 755

Alex 755nm

Expert for light color hair in fair skin hair removal.

Ch 808

Speed 808nm

Fast hair removal, greatly shorten the treatment time

CH 1064

Yag 1064nm

Great effect in dark skin tone permanent hair removal

3 Wave Diode Laser Specification

ALD1C-CH3 Wave Diode Laser
Lifespan20 million shots
Machine Power3000W
Spot Size15*30mm and 15*15mm and φ8mm
Wavelength808nm or Mixed wave 755 808 1064
Energy Density1-150J/cm2
Laser Source100% pure AuSn US Coherent laser bars
Cooling SystemWater + Air + TEC + Sapphire
Display12.4 inch LCD touchscreen
Machine Gross Weight42kg
Packing Size61*65*49cm


Easy To Use Software

Our 3 Wave Diode Laser Machine boasts a high-end, visually appealing interface design.

  • The operating system is user-friendly and easy to navigate, promoting ease of use for any operator.
  • Preset treatment parameters are readily available for immediate use.
  • The machine offers 15 different language options, with the ability to add additional languages as needed to meet customer requirements.
  • An intelligent alarm system is in place to remind customers to maintain the machine for optimal performance.
  • The intelligent monitoring system continuously monitors the working conditions of the machine’s internal components to ensure safe and effective operation.
  • Our client information storage system securely stores and remembers client treatment parameters for future reference.
  • The leasing system includes a password lock function for remote control of machine access, catering not only to leasing businesses but also to customers who pay in installments.
alarming system
monitoring system
treatment record saving system
rental system

Treatment Range & Effect

FDA and Medical CE for diode laser

FDA & Medical CE Approved

We have passed the most strict US FDA and TUV Medical CE test and our Diode Laser Hair Removal Devices are well certified. In China, now no more than 10 companies has passed both FDA and Medical CE. We can 100% ensure the high quality!

FDA registration number: K212478

Medical CE registration number: HD2264988-1


For our best-selling beauty equipment models, we have stock (machines that have been assembled and passed the voltage test and energy test). After the customer confirms the order, the test can be arranged quickly. After 2-3 days of aging test, we can put on the case and ship it to the customer. We promise to provide ultra-fast delivery time. For each day of delayed delivery, we willing to deduct 1% from the total contract value.

Yes it is very safe. We use very strong flight case which is made by wooden with aluminium alloy as border. With a thick foam inside, the machine can be well protected from damage during long-distance transportation. The inner foam is individually customized according to the different casing design of each machine, which can fit and protect the machine well.

We conscientiously implement the after-sale service work in full-scale and make commitment to our clients as follows:

1.The company of Stelle Laser takes the quality assurance and life long maintenance system for its sold equipments, the guarantee period is 12 months, the calculated date begins since it leave the factory;

2.If the equipment is out of work under the normal using condition, the company of Beijing Stelle Laser Technology Co.Ltd identified it as the product itself problem, the company will replace the broken parts free of charge and provide free maintenance service for you within the warranty.

3.Provide the new user with the clinic guide and operation instruction;

4.Provide the lifelong technical instruction and consalting;

5.Instant warranty response, the company will provide the complete solution within 24 hours after the customer take the warranty guarantee and will solve it, the professional engineers were responsible for the maintenance and replacement (not charge in the warranty period) service when the product has the itself problem;

6.All the maintenance expense within the guarantee period shall be borne by Beijing Stelle Laser Technology Co.Ltd;

7.The whole machine or parts were damaged beyond the warranty period, the company will charge the part’s cost and service fee after the equipment was repaired or replaced.

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3 Wave Diode Laser Hair Reduction Machine

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