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Are you a salon owner or clinic professional looking for a cutting-edge, cost-effective solution to offer your clients the best hair removal experience? Look no further! Introducing the Best Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine from Stelle Laser, the leading China factory that specializes in the design and manufacturing of top-quality professional beauty machines.

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Machine Model:  LD1FDA-CH

Beauty System Type: Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

Functions: Permenanet laser hair removal

Wavelengths: 808nm standard, 3 wavelengths mixed optional

Certificates:  US FDA, TUV Medical CE, TUV ISO 13485, RoHs, CE, etc

Suitable For: Professional beauty spas, medical centers, clinics

How Does Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine Work?

The main principle of Laser Hair Removal Machine is selective photopyrolysis (SPTL), that is, matching specific wavelengths of light and pulse duration to obtain the best effect on the target tissue, while having the least impact on the surrounding tissues.


The laser can cause local damage by selectively heating the black target substance (melanin), thereby heating the basal stem cells in the hair follicle, which leads to hair growth, the hair follicle, but does not heat the rest of the skin. Light is absorbed by dark objects, but reflected by light objects and water, so the laser energy can be absorbed by dark substances in hair or skin, and its speed and intensity are much faster than skin without any dark adult hair or melanin.

What Makes LD1 Laser Hair Removal Machine Different?

Permanent and painfree hair removal is just the most basic requirement for a 3 wave diode laser. Besides the basic requirement, it also has all below unique features:

check mark icon 20 3 Replacement tips for different areas

check mark icon 20 3D smart tips, Intelligent recognition

check mark icon 20 Handle inbuilt real-time monitoring module

check mark icon 20 Big LED screen easy operation

check mark icon 20 360° Super cooling, always -4℃

check mark icon 20 Light-weighted handpiece

diode laser CH handle

3 Changeable Sizes

For laser hair removal machine’s handle, we offer 3 treatment tips to cover truly full body hair reduction:

  • Body tip: 15*30mm for back, chest, arm, leg, public area, belly hair removal etc.
  • Facial tip: 15*15mm for facial, lip, neck, finger, toe hair removal etc
  • Mini tip: Φ8mm for the treatment of area hard to reach, such as ears or nostrils

Intelligent Recognition

With the fantastic 3D magnetic technology of 3 treatment tips, you can put any tip and our Diode Laser will recognize which tip you have putted then automatically give the most recommended parameters for treatment.

If you are starters, you can directly use our pre-set parameters; if you are experience doctor, you can also adjust parameters via the handle touchscreen or the machine touchscreen according to your demand very easliy.

The Best Full Body Laser Hair Removal Machine

big tip arm hair removal by diode laser

Body Tip: 30*15mm

For large area hair reduction, such as arm, leg, back, chest,armpit, bikini area etc

facial hair removal by diode laser

Facial Tip: 15*15mm

For smaller area hair reduction, such as facial hair, lip hair, neck hair removal etc

mini tip nose hair removal by diode laser

Mini Tip: 8mm

For hair reduction of area that is hard to reach, such as nose and ear hair removal etc

Our state-of-the-art laser hair removal equipment utilizes a unique hybrid triple wave technology to effectively target and damage hair follicles, resulting in gradual hair reduction in the treated area. It is important to note that this treatment is specifically designed to target dark hair roots and may not yield optimal results for blond or gray hair.

The number of sessions required for optimal results may vary depending on individual patient factors such as hair type, color, and natural growth cycle. However, in most cases, a course of 4-8 treatments is recommended to achieve the desired outcome. The frequency of sessions is typically spaced 4-6 weeks apart to allow for proper healing and regrowth cycles.

Our 3 wave diode laser hair removal machine provides a fast and convenient office-based treatment option that is both safe and effective. We are committed to delivering quality care and personalized treatment plans to help our patients achieve their aesthetic goals.

CH handle monitoring

Advanced Real-Time Monitoring System

check mark icon 20 Real-time voltage detecting

check mark icon 20 Real-time temperature of the treatment tip

check mark icon 20 Real-time pulse width detecting

check mark icon 20 Shoots counter for diode laser system


Triple Wave for All Skin Types!

ch 755

Alex 755nm

Expert for light color hair in fair skin hair removal.

Ch 808

Speed 808nm

Fast hair removal, greatly shorten the treatment time

CH 1064

Yag 1064nm

Great effect in dark skin tone permanent hair removal

Highest Specification, Best You Can Get!

check mark icon 20 7 Japan big fans  +2 Japan small fans + 2 thickest radiators for best heat dissipation.

check mark icon 20 Customized wider channal for faster water circulation, laser stack never burn!

check mark icon 20 Double water pump greatly prolong the lifespan to 40 million shots!

check mark icon 20 Special design with water filter outside of machine, easy to change.

Super Easy To Change Water Filters

easy to change water filters

Our Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine features an easy-to-replace water filter that can be effortlessly changed in the future. The machine includes a convenient window for easy access to the filter, allowing for quick replacement by salon staff or anyone using the machine. Simply unscrew the filter and replace it with a new one. 

Diode Laser Specification

Lifespan20 million shots
Laser Power1200W 
Machine Power3000W 
Spot Size15*30mm & 15*15mm & Φ8mm
Wavelength808nm or triple wavelengths 755 808 1064
Energy Density1-150J/cm2
Laser Source100% pure AuSn US Coherent laser bars
Cooling SystemWater + Air + TEC + Sapphire
DisplayMachine LED screen + handle LED screen
Net Weight48kg
Gross Weight58kg
Volume Weight92kg
Packing Size63*67*108cm


What Can Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine Do?

hair removal range 7

Hair removal for the whole body, including the back, chest, forehead, leaves, cheeks, upper lip, armpits, whole legs, fingers, bikini, ear hair and nose hair removal.

After 3-5 treatments, the patient can get a permanent hair removal effect.

And after the first use, more than 80% of the hair will disappear! After the first period, you can see very obvious results!

Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine also has a good effect on skin whitening, skin tightening, pigmentation correction and other skin rejuvenation.

Easy To Use Software

High-end beautiful interface design for Diode Laser Depilation Machine.

User-friendly operating system, easy to use.

The preset treatment parameters can be used directly.

15 different languages are available, if necessary, additional languages can be added according to customer requirements.

  • Intelligent alarm system to remind customers to maintain the machine.
  • Intelligent monitoring system always monitors the working conditions of the accessories inside the machine.
  • The client information storage system, which stores the client’s treatment parameters for direct use next time.
  • Leasing system, password lock function to remotely control whether the machine is allowed to be used, not only for leasing business, but also for customers who pay in installments.
alarming system
monitoring system
treatment record saving system
rental system

Treatment Range & Effect

FDA and Medical CE for diode laser

FDA & Medical CE Approved

We have passed the most strict US FDA and TUV Medical CE test and our Diode Laser Hair Removal Devices are well certified. In China, now no more than 10 companies has passed both FDA and Medical CE. We can 100% ensure the high quality!

FDA registration number: K212478

Medical CE registration number: HD2264988-1

Why Buy Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine From Stelle Laser?

At Stelle Laser, we understand the importance of providing the most advanced and reliable technology to cater to your clients’ needs. Our Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine is designed with the latest advancements in laser technology, ensuring exceptional performance, safety, and efficiency for hair removal treatments.

This LD1 model is the most advanced diode laser. Check here for: Which type of diode laser is best for hair removal? 

Me and client in our company stelle laser

Unparalleled Performance

Our Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine features the most effective wavelength of 808nm, which has been proven to provide superior results in removing unwanted hair across all skin types. The powerful, adjustable energy output ensures fast and efficient hair removal, significantly reducing treatment times while maintaining exceptional results.

Enhanced Safety and Comfort

Safety and client comfort are paramount in any professional beauty treatment. Our machine incorporates an advanced cooling system, which continuously cools the skin during treatments, minimizing the risk of burns and providing a more comfortable experience for your clients.

Cost-Effective Solution

By purchasing directly from Stelle Laser, the leading China factory, you can benefit from significant cost savings without compromising on quality. This allows you to offer your clients top-notch hair removal treatments at competitive prices, boosting your business’s reputation and profits.

Easy Operation and Maintenance

Our Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine is designed with user-friendly software and intuitive controls, making it easy for professionals of all skill levels to operate. Additionally, the machine’s durable components and low maintenance requirements ensure a long service life, maximizing your return on investment.

Invest in Your Business’s Success Today

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by! Elevate your salon or clinic’s offerings and attract more clients by investing in the Best Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine from Stelle Laser. Experience the difference of working with a leading China factory committed to providing top-quality professional beauty machines.

Contact us now to get a quote and secure your machine at an unbeatable price!

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Best Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine for Sale

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