4 Points You Should Know About CO2 Fractional Laser

What Is Co2 Fractional Laser?

CO2 Fractional Laser = Fractional + CO2 Laser

  • The fractional is not a laser, but a working mode of the laser. As long as the diameter of the laser beam (spot) is less than 500 μm, and the laser beam is regularly arranged in a fractional type, the working mode of the laser at this time is a fractional laser.
  • The CO2 laser is a molecular laser, and the main substance is carbon dioxide molecules. Like other gas lasers, the working principle and stimulated emission process of CO2 lasers are also complicated. You can understand it as a laser-excited from CO2 gas under special equipment
fractional pattern in co2 fractional laser

CO2 fractional laser machine is a CO2 laser emitted in a fractional pattern. Using a flashlight as an example, it is a large light spot when it is turned on normally, and the dot matrix mode is to cover the front with gauze. The pattern of the large light spot does not change, but it is divided into small light spots (the real dot matrix is ​​not the cutting of large beams). , is made into a dot matrix when it is launched). Make millimeter-level and centimeter-level beams into micron-level microbeams.

How Does Co2 Fractional Laser Work?

The CO2 fractional laser principle is mainly “focal photothermolysis and stimulation effect”.

The carbon dioxide laser therapy device emits an ultra-pulse laser with a wavelength of 10600nm and finally outputs it in a fractional form. After acting on the skin, a plurality of three-dimensional columnar structures of microthermal damage is formed. Each micro-injury area is surrounded by undamaged normal tissue, and its keratinocytes can quickly crawl and heal quickly. It can make collagen fibers and elastic fibers proliferate and rearrange, restore the content of type I and type III collagen fibers to the normal proportion, change the pathological tissue structure, and gradually return to a normal state.

co2 laser fractional machine working

The main target tissue of CO2 fractional laser is water, and water is the main component of the skin, which can cause the dermal collagen fibers to shrink and degenerate when heated, and induce the wound healing reaction in the dermis, resulting in the orderly deposition of collagen and promoting collagen proliferation. , thereby improving skin elasticity and reducing scarring.

The CO2 fractional laser can instantly heat the water in the tissue, and when it acts on the skin, it vaporizes the epidermis and the dermis (scar) of different depths, causing the skin to produce vaporization pits. Due to its large peak energy, small thermal-induced side damage zone, accurate vaporization of tissue, and light damage to surrounding tissues, laser wounds can be healed within 4 to 7 days, and complications such as hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation are less likely. At the same time, there are a lot of pigments in the epidermis of our skin, and as the epidermis peels off, it will also fade away. This is also the principle of skin whitening after fractional laser treatment.

Application Of Co2 Fractional Laser

CO2 fractional laser treatment of scars is a breakthrough in scar treatment, and its curative effect is better than external anti-scar drugs in non-surgical treatment.

The main mechanisms include:

(1) injury and inhibition of vascular tissue in scar tissue;

(2) removal of scar tissue by vaporization;

(3) inhibition of fibrous tissue formation and excessive proliferation;

(4) induction of fibroblast apoptosis.

CO2 fractional laser also has great effect in skin rejuvenation. If you do a deep peel, the effect of CO2 fractional laser on skin rejuvenation will last for a year without a doubt.

Besides above, it is also good at:

1. Anti-aging: skin lifting, wrinkle removal, skin peeling; photoaging skin improvement.

2. Acne: acne vulgaris, enlarged pores, seborrheic dermatitis problems, etc.

3. Scars: Treatment of pitting, hypertrophic scars.

4. Problem skin: repair of sensitive skin; treatment of hormone-dependent dermatitis.

5. Auxiliary enhancement product import: import some specific skin efficacy products to increase the efficacy.

6. Treatment of various proliferative skin diseases: age spots, warts, tumors, etc.

7. Hair hyperplasia: assist in the treatment of male pattern baldness.

8. Female vagina tightening.

What Will Happen After Co2 Fractional Laser Treatment?

After CO2 fractional laser treatment, the scanning point of the treatment will turn white immediately, which is the manifestation of epidermal water vaporization and damage.

After 5-10 seconds, the client will experience exudation of tissue fluid, slight edema, and slight bulge at the treatment site.

Within 10-20 seconds, the skin treatment area will experience vasodilation, redness, and swelling, and you will feel constant burning and heat pain. The client’s intense heat pain will last for about 2 hours, and it will last for about 4 hours at most.

After 3-4 hours, the skin’s pigmentation is visibly increased, reddish-brown, and tightness appears.

The skin scabs gradually fall off within 7 days after treatment, and some scabs may last for 10-12 days; a thin scab with a “gauze feeling” is formed. During the shedding process, the skin will be itchy, which is a normal phenomenon; The thin scabs are on the forehead and face, the two sides of the nose are the fastest, the cheeks are close to the ears, the jaw is the slowest, and the slower the scabs are in a dry environment.

The new, intact epidermis was maintained after the scab fell off. However, for a while, it is still accompanied by the proliferation and expansion of capillaries, showing a “pink” intolerable appearance; the skin is in a sensitive period and must be strictly repaired and sunscreen within 2 months.

After the scab is removed, the skin appears firm, and plump, with delicate pores, lightened acne scars, and even pigmentation.

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