4 Scams You May Meet in Buying Laser Beauty Machines

Have you met any scams when buying laser beauty machines? Have you been cheated by the cunning sellers? Do you know how to avoid being fooled?

I have spend one week to write this article to disclose the scams in buying beauty machines. Hope you will never meet such scams and if you need more details, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Scams in buying beauty machines

In beauty machine market, there are so many products with so different price ranges.

Take our Diode Laser machine for example: We now doing 4 different generations Diode Laser hair removal machines, from portable to vertical, from 808nm to triple wavelengths. The price various from 2700 USD to 6500 USD.

diode laser hair removal machine with different handle options

This price range is only our own company’s diode laser machine prices. So you can imagine in the market there are more diode laser machines and price range is more big.

As the real manufacturer for such beauty machines, we already control all our cost to lowest, but still a lot of clients think our price is high. Below conversation happens a lot:

Client: The other factory offer me diode laser machine at 1500 USD

Me: No dear it is not possible for any real diode laser to be at such low price. I have been in this industry for over 8 years, I know the market well. I can 100% ensure you by 1500 USD, it is 100% not a real diode laser machine.

Client: Thank you dear, I have already paid to them. Their machine looks good.

So today, I have summed up several situations my clients met and wanna to share with all guys who wants to purchase such beauty machines.

Do You Really Know What Does It Mean By Buying Beauty Machines In Low Price?

Possibility 1: you may get a poor quality machine

This actually is already the best situation you may meet. For example, you want to buy a good diode laser machine, but you get a poor quality diode laser machine, at least it is a really diode laser instead of IPL, just with very poor quality.

Every price has a reason. We can never buy diamond ring at glass ring price.

fake copycat diode laser and our real diode laser

Above 2 machines seems same, but the fake machine is much cheaper and fake machine is non-channel with poor spare parts so the price is also much cheaper. (Read more: SAY NO TO COPYCAT BEAUTY MACHINES)

Machine’s internal parts determines its treatment effect and how long it can be used. It is most crucial part. Meanwhile it is also the most overlooked part, because client can not see the internal and most clients do not have knowledge about the inner parts.

If you ask me: Can you make it cheaper for me? 

As a real manufacturer, the answer is yes of cause we can make it cheaper.

BUT, let me ask you first: Are you willing to sacrifice the quality to get a cheaper machine

If we make it cheaper, we will need to change many inside parts. We need to change all high quality part to cheap parts, to remove the parts which is not a “must” but it’s very important.

Here take below our portable IPL machine APL1D for example:

i million shots ipl produced by stelle laser

Our original IPL machine using UK lamp, extra Korean water filter, DC brushless water pump, big fans and radiators. We can ensure amazing 1 million shots super long lifespan. But if you must ask me to make it cheaper for you, make it cheaper than our lowest price, then we will need to do below:

  • We need to change our best brand Dazhi power supply to cheap unknow brand, this can make price 100 USD lower. This will lead to machine more likely to has shotting problems.
  • We need to change our UK xenon lamp to China local brand lamp, this can make price 10USD lower; And need to remove our 2 Korea imported water filters, this can make another 70 USD lower. By doing this, our lifespan will be just as same as others, only 100,000 to 300,000 shots, will no longer be 1 million shots anymore.
  • We also need to change our 2 big capacitor total 44000uf to 3 small ones total only 30000 uf, this can make another 80 USD cheaper, this will make power weaker. Capacitors are used to store more power. Big capacitors is very necessary when machine is in long time fast speed working. For example, if you work in 10 hz for long time, our 44000 uf big capacitor can offer more power to the lamp than the 30000 uf machine.
  • We need also change 4 big fans and 2 big radiators to 2 fans and 1 radiator, this can make another 40 USD lower, this leads to weak heat dissipation and shorter working time. Imagine in peak time, when you have many clients want to get treatment, but your machine is too hot to work and you can only ask your client to wait for machine cool down or even cancel today’s book and come again by another day. How awkward!
  • Also need to change the latest brushless DC water pump to the outdated magnetic drive pump, this can make another 70 USD lower, but will increase possibility of lamp explode and has high noisy in treatment. When you doing treatment for your client and try to convince client buy more sessions, but you and your client can only hear this bad quality water pump making noise buzzing.

Here totally I have helped you saved 460 USD in the machine. And all these things are inside of the machine. So actually machine appearance is just same as our original high quality one. If I do not say, you will never know. But do you really want such cheap machine ??? Does that really fit with your expectation ???

I believe the answer is NO.

So what is the thing that you really want? I think I know the answer dear – you want high quality machine with best spare parts and with cheap price. While here we must mention a famous “impossible triangle”

delimma in buying beauty machine

If you want cheap machine with good quality, then please accept it haslow power.

If you want good quality machine with high power, then please accept it is expensive.

If you want high power machine with cheap price, then please accept it may use cheap parts and with poor quality.

If you wanna Cheap, Good Quality and High Power at same time, dear, please accept it is not possible.

If any company selling you this Cheap price + Good quality + High Power machine, dear, he is cheating you ! RUN !

Possibility 2: you may get a low power machine but you thought it is high power.

This really happens a lot in my work. In past years I have met so so so many client that has been cheated in the power and client do not know even after months using.

Below is another conversation often happen:

Client: please let me know your price

Me: 500W laser 3200USD, 800W laser 3900 USD

Client: XX company only quote me 1000W laser 3500 USD, so I will buy from XX company

This happens almost to every honest salesman! Do you know the reason why XX company 1000W laser only 3500 USD? Because it is fake 1000W dear!

500W laser has 10 laser bars, each bar is 50W, totally is 500W. 1000W laser also has 10 bars each bar is 100W. But in this market there are so so so many companies advertising such 500W laser as 1000W!

It’s much more than that dear, I can’t believe even there are many companies advertising their 500W laser as 1200W! Below is a true victim of such scam:

client got cheated by other 1

As long as you are a professional buyer, you can very obviously know from the photo it is 500W laser. But the seller told this client it is 1200W and the client very happily bought this “1200W laser”….

What’s more, from the photo we can see it is even not a high quality 500W laser stack. It is only a very outdated Indium laser stack, instead of a high quality AuSn stack!!! (If you don’t know the difference between cheap indium stack and high quality AuSn stack, please read this article: Diode laser: AuSn bars V.S. Indium bars)

This is not very bad situation. My 500W laser 3200 USD, XX company fake 1200W (real 500W) laser 3500 USD, although you spend 500 USD more bought this poor quality indium stack machine, but at least it is a real diode laser and real 500W so it will also have nice effect before it burning out. So this is really not very bad situation. You know what is bad? See below:

Possibility 3: You may get another totally different machine

Imagine, you thought you bought a diode laser machine, but actually it is only an IPL machine!

(Read here: What is the difference between Diode Laser and IPL?  )

Diode laser machine’s price is 2-5 times higher than IPL machine (2 times higher or 5 times higher depend on how many watt is the diode laser).

In market, there are some companies very bad and they make the confusing shape of IPL to sell as diode laser machines. (Such companies is not too many in quantity, but they are indeed bad from the root)

diode handle and ipl handle

Usually IPL will have a larger spot size and because the emitter of IPL is xenon lamp, so the spot size of IPL usually is rectangle, the most common seen spot size of IPL is 15mm*50mm like shown in photo. While diode laser emitter is not as long as the IPL lamp, so diode laser spot size is usually not that long as IPL. Above photo is the most commonly seen and the most normal shape of diode laser and IPL.

But, please see below photo, do you know it is diode laser or IPL?

IPL handle fake to a diode handleIPL handle fake to a diode handle

I believe many client will think it is diode laser, the shape looks just like diode laser and after all there is number “808” in the handle, which means 808nm of diode laser wavelength, isn’t it?

But, actually it is not diode laser at all, it is only an IPL !

Good quality diode laser 4000 USD, good quality IPL 2000 USD, you think our diode laser is expensive and bought the cheap diode laser from other company at 3000 USD, you think you took advantages in price. But you don’t know it is only a fake diode laser and it is only IPL and even not a good quality one, you see this fake diode handle in the photo is already melted!

This still not the worst situation.

Possibility 4: You may get a totally garbage!

The worst situation is, you spend money but you get a totally fake machine, which we also call it garbage! It is totally a waste of money and do not have any effect !

Below photo is the emitter of our diode laser hair reduction machine which is from US Coherent:

diode laser us coherent barDiode laser stack

And below is another new type fake emitter recently we found in the market. We already have client cheated by this new type fake emitter.

fake diode laser hair removal machineFake diode emitter: Just LED lights not real emitter!

client being cheated by other companyclient been cheated by the fake LED diode

I really feel very sorry for this client. He collected these 1500 USD for 3 months and finally bought this garbage machine and the supplier of this garbage machine has never replied him anymore.

If client indeed only have 1500 USD budget, I would recommend him to choose a high quality IPL machine, or wait few month to collect money to buy a real diode laser.

But unfortunetly he choose to spent this 1500 USD to buy this cheap diode laser  and he didn’t know it is only with LED light in the handle, does not have any effect in hair removal! Sigh!


Me and client in our company stelle laser

My name is Lily, I have been working in Stelle Laser for over 8 years (from 2015 to 2023) and seen many different scams in buying beauty machines. I sigh for the clients who spend money but didn’t get a dream machine. But meanwhile I also hope clients can be more and more professional and not be cheated by anyone.

As long as you willing to believe in me, I will never let you have the opportunity to be deceived by other companies. I can guide you to choose best model based on your budget. (I always believe there is no so-called “best model”, there is only the “most suitable model”. As long as this is the most suitable model then it is the best for you.)

Dont only compare only price, it is not fair to the honest companies that only offer real machines and real powers. If compare, please compare everything! 

Contact us to get real machine information and a trustful beauty machine factory and supplier.

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