Water Flow Alarming, Machine Not Work


water flow alarming machine not working

Hi dear, machine pip pip this morning and doesn’t work, can you help me?

Solution For Beauty Machine Piping

(Take E-light as example, other models are same):

The fan icon pip pip is alarming for water flow.It means water flow speed is too slow can not support machine to work, so it alarms. 

Normal water flow for E-light IPL SHR machines should be 6-8. When it is lower than 3, it will start alarming pip pip.

(Normal water flow for Diode Laser is 4-7, for nd yag laser is 10-12.)

First please make sure to use purified or distilled water. Tap water is 100% not allowed. Then please see below:

The possible reasons that cause water flow low are:

  1. The water pipe inside the handle is fold. (80% possibility)
  2. The water filters inside the machine is blocking. (80% possibility)
  3. The water pipe inside the machine is fold. (20% possibility)
  4. Control board has problem (1% possibility)
  5. Water switch has problem (1% possibility)

The solutions accordingly are:

  1. Make water pipe inside the handle straight.

check pipes inside the handle

Disassemble handle connector, see video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6pDFlzDz6lg

Then you will see below, there are 2 pipes inside the handle. Please pull these 2 pipes. With one person take the treatment head, and the other person pull these 2 pipes.

After doing this, install handle back, connect handle to machine and turn on machine to check the water flow again.

If water flow is 6-8, then problem is solved. If water flow is still low 2 or 3, then take step 2.

  1. Check ALL pipes inside of the machine is fold or not.

check water pipe folded or not

Take out machine shell check all inside pipes.

Take the red line pipe as example. Water pipe should be like picture “a”, if it is fold like picture “b”, make it to picture “a”.

  1. Take a photo of water filters and send me please.

water filter position e1689580336918

Most likely it is caused by the fold of water pipe inside the handpiece. Because when there is no water inside the machine, the pressure inside pipe will be lower, and it might lead to fold.

It is ok to use machine at low water flow temporarily, but it is not good to use for long time.

So please kindly try the solutions and if need further help please feel free to CONTACT US.

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