Elos IPL Diode Laser 2 in 1 Hair Removal Device

This IPL Diode Laser machine is perfect for professional beauty salons and cosmetic centers. It uses both diode laser and IPL Eligth technologies to destroy hair follicles effectively and durably. It’s safe and covers various treatments like laser hair removal, acne, pigmentation therapies, and more. It’s suitable for various skin types and hair types with a cooling system for comfortable treatments.

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Machine Model:  DPL2B-CH

Beauty System Type: IPL Diode Laser 2 In 1 Multifunction Beauty Machine

  • System 1: Diode Laser (permanent laser hair removal)
  • System 2: Elos IPL (photorejuvenation, vascular therapy, pigmentation treatment, acne therapy, skin whitening, hair removal)

Suitable For: Professional beauty salons, cosmetic centers

Features of IPL Diode 2 in 1 Laser

This Dual technology IPL Diode Laser machines works synergistically to destroy the hair follicle.

The energy generated in the diode laser is monochromatic and unidirectional, allowing it to reach the deepest layers of the skin; and the IPL Eligth technology has a multidirectional polychromatic light that allows it to reach the most superficial hair. Obtaining as a result efficacy and durability in hair removal.

Thanks to this advanced system, it allows the comfort and maximum safety in the application of treatments, with magnificent results from the first sessions, and on different types of skin (white, dark and tanned), thin, thick and dark light hair.

And besides, the equipment has the exclusive Cooling system incorporated, which initiates a cooling process to protect the surface of the skin and create more resistant areas, thus both energies penetrate the desired areas with less sensation of heat and greater comfort for the client.

It covers versatile treatments, including laser hair removal, Acne treatment, Photo rejuvenation, Skin whitening, Spider vein treatment , Pigmentation therapies etc. It is suitable for professional beauty salon and cosmetic centers.

IPL Diode Laser 2 In 1 Beauty System Details

Diode Laser CH

diode laser CH hair removal

Diode laser hair removal is the most effective, permanent and painless solution for hair removal.

The diode laser comes with 3 interchangeable treatment tips for targeting different areas, eliminating any awkwardness.

The 30*15mm tip is perfect for large areas like the back and chest hair removal, while the 15×15mmmm tip is best suited for areas like leg, arm, armpit, and 8mm tip is exactly for nose hair removal.

The diode laser hair removal is a safe and easy procedure as it uses a low-level laser light which does not utilize heat unlike other methods. It also offers precise settings for treating delicate areas such as under the chin and bikini line, thus reducing flare-ups. The device is totally portable since you can use it in your own time at home or while traveling, making the whole process painless, effective, and easily accessible.


State-of-art diode laser system 100% advanced in the market!

  • Intelligent recognition of the 3D smart tips, and accordingly offer the pre-set parameter for each tip
  • Handle inbuilt real-time monitoring module, protect skin well
  • Super power 1200W +3000W more comfortable and more efficient
  • Big LED screen easy operation allows to adjust parameters from handle
  • 360° Super cooling, always keep around -4℃ even during long time treatment
  • Light-weighted handpiece, relief from the sore arm

Elos IPL System

IPL hair removal photo facial machine

Our Elos IPL system come with 5  filters to cover different functions:

  1. 480nm: Acne treatment
  2. 530nm: Vascular treatment, photofacial for light skin.
  3. 590nm: Pigmentation treatment, photofacial for dark skin.
  4. 640nm: Hair reduction for light skin
  5. 690nm: Hair reduction for dark skin

Why OUR IPL System Is Better Than Others?

  • Super long lifespan of 1 MILLION SHOTS!
  • Xenon lamp from UK
  • Spot size: 15*50mm
  • Fast modes: 10 shots in 1 second greatly shorten the treatment time

Easy Interface For 2 In 1 Machine

This IPL Diode Laser 2 in 1 beauty equipment is very easy to operate with below features. 

  • Intelligent operating system
  • Pre-set parameters Treatment records saving
  • 15 Languages available
  • Monitoring system
  • Alarming system
  • Renting mode
  • Saving client treatment data
smart interface
treatment record saving system

Record Saving System

We also have this really useful client treatment record saving system in this IPL Diode Laser 2 in 1 beauty machine.

Every patient has different skin tone and hair type. Even patients who have similar skin and hair type, they may have different tolerence about pain.

So when doing treatment to a new client, Doctor usually has to try from low energy in patient skin and gradually higher,  find the most suitable parameter for this specific patient.

Our system allows Doctor to save this most suitable parameter for this specific patient to our Treatment Record Saving System. So that next time when this patient come again, Doctor can directly searching for his or her well tested parameters and start treatment quickly.

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Specification Of IPL SHR Diode Laser 2 In 1 Multifunctional Beauty Machine

Lifespan20 million shots1 Million shots super long lifespan
Spot Size3 spot sizes:
30*15mm & 15*15mm & 8mm
15*50mm standard
(12*30mm optional)
Wavelength808nm or Mixed wave 755 808 1064480nm, 530nm, 590nm 640nm, 690nm
Energy Density1-166J/cm250J/cm2
Laser Source100% pure AuSn US Coherent laser barsUK firstlight xenon lamp


Why Buy IPL Diode Laser 2 In 1 Beauty Machine From Stelle Laser?

Stelle Laser is the leading beauty machine manufacturer in China which established in 2010.
We only do diode laser, IPL, ND Yag Laser and Multifunctional beauty machines and mostly famous as the FDA approved manufacturer for diode laser hair removal devices.

In China, we are first factory to start combine diode laser system with other systems to 1 machine.

We opened the market. It is hard to combine diode laser system with other systems. Before 2020, only our factory can do Diode Laser + IPL 2 in 1, Diode Laser + ND yag Laser + IPL 3 in 1 machine and Diode Laser+ Elos + ND yag +RF 4 in 1 laser.

Now China market a few company can do diode laser 2 in 1, such as diode laser + nd yag, diode laser + IPL…

BUT THEY CAN NOT DO DIODE 3 IN 1 machine, such as diode laser +nd yag laser +IPL.

THEY CAN NOT DO DIODE 4 IN 1 machine EITHER , such as diode laser +nd yag laser +e-light SHR + RF machine.

And we can do it about 11 years ago, they only started it by 2020.

After 11 years market testing, our diode laser multifunctional machines have proved to be high quality, stable and with brilliant effect!

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Elos IPL Diode Laser 2 in 1 Beauty Salon Device

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