4 in 1 Beauty Laser – Ultimate Solution for Optimal Aesthetic Results

Are you seeking a solution to address multiple skin concerns – ranging from hair removal to wrinkle reduction?

If yes, then the 4 in 1 beauty laser  with Diode laser + ND Yag Laser+ E-light + RF 4 systems in one machine is the perfect fit for you.


At our state-of-the-art facility, we have designed a highly multifunctional 4 in 1 laser that is capable of providing superior outcomes when it comes to hair removal, skin rejuvenation, carbon peeling, and wrinkle reduction. Our 4 in 1  Laser multifunctional beauty machine is a very unique model that you won’t find anywhere else in the market. It’s exclusively available at our manufacturing plant.



What sets our multifunctional machine apart is our commitment to quality-assurance. We’re proud to be approved by TUV Medical CE certification and US FDA – so our clients can rest assured that they’re receiving a highly scientific, innovative product with the most advanced safety mechanisms. Unlike other factories, we have the first and only factory that can design the multifunctional machine!


Multifunctional One-Stop Beauty System

Diode laser system can do hair removal and skin treatments.

ND yag laser system can do all color tattoo removal, mole removal, pigmentation removal, and carbon peeling treatment.

Elight system can do SHR hair removal and photo rejuvenation, acne treatment, vascular treatment etc.

RF system is for face and body lifting, wrinkle removal.

With the Diode laser + ND Yag Laser+ E-light + RF 4  in 1 laser, you won’t ever require any other skin-care product. It’s the ultimate multifunctional providing solutions that have stood the test of time. Investing in our multifunctional laser will enable your salon to have multi-treatment with one machine highly-effective.

So get ready to bid adieu to your multiple worries, the multifunctional machine 4 in 1 laser developped and produced by Stelle Laser will cater to all your needs, providing your salon with the ultimate skincare experience. Consult with us for more details of this model and get special discount now !

Stelle Laser is professional beauty machine manufacturer in China. We produce and sell Diode laser hair removal machineElos SHR OPT IPL photorejuvenation machine, ND Yag Laser tattoo removal and pigment treatment machine, Carbon Peel machine, CO2 Fractional Laser and Multifunctional beauty machines combining above handles. Looking for cooperatation with more global agents. If you interested in getting more information, please feel to drop us an inquriy!

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Stelle Laser is an innovate aesthetic & beauty machine manufacturer in China. We produce and sell Diode laser hair removal machine, IPL photorejuvenation machine, ND Yag Laser tattoo removal and pigment treatment machine, Carbon Peel machine, CO2 Fractional Laser and Multifunctional beauty machines combining above handles.

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