Different Generation Diode Laser Handle Options: Which is Best?

As professional salon equipment factory, we are especially famous for diode laser hair removal machines. We now have 4 different generation diode laser handles, can do from portable to vertical, from 300W to 2400W, from 808nm to triple wavelengths.We have many different shell designs for diode laser hair removal machine, and even just for the handle we offer 4 different generations. Below we will introduce each generation diode laser handle details to help you find the most suitable hair removal machine for your salon.

2. Diode shell

AH - Diode Laser Handle

Diode Laser Handle AH is the frist generation, also called Classical Double Cooling Diode Laser.

Power: 500W standard. 300W and 600W also available.

Recommend Keywords: Very affordable, good effect, truly painless

diode laser handle AH

Amazing Cooling, Truely Painless!

As you already noticed, in this handle it has 2 tips: The round tip in top is 15*15 mm for hair removal treatment. The square tip in bottom is 25*25 mm for pre/post cooling.

This AH diode laser handle combines CIA and ICE technology together and can get 100% painless effect!

ICE™ Technology – Simultaneous contact cooling

Round tip using Sapphire crystal to minimizes burn risk and allows heat to penetrate hair follicles during treatments.

CIA™ Technology- Cooling In Advance

Square tip cools and protects the skin during hair removal treatment, reducing pain and increasing patient comfort.

When it comes to laser hair removal, the AH diode laser handle proves to be the most classical choice for various salons and spas. With its exceptional features and highly advanced technology, this series diode laser is a perfect match for any spa looking forward to starting hair removal therapy.

Its affordability is just the tip of the iceberg, as it boasts a reputation of having produced outstanding results, which has been tested and proven by over 5,000,000 clients worldwide.

Furthermore, the AH diode laser handle’s versatility is unmatched, as it can work on different skin types, ensuring that clients get the desired results regardless of their skin type. Because of this capability, the AH diode laser handle ensures that your salon or spa serves a wide range of clients, resulting in high customer satisfaction and retention.

It is highly recommended for beginners looking to venture into laser hair removal technology to invest in a diode laser machine with an AH diode laser handle. This proves to be a wise decision in the long run.

Hot selling AH diode laser machines:

BH - Diode Laser Handle

BH Diode Laser Handle is the second generation, also called Big Spot Diode Laser.

Power: 800-1200W standard. 1600W also available. 

Recommend Keywords: High power, large treatment size, faster speed.

diode laser handle BH

High Power

1200W high power ensures very efficient laser hair removal process. 

2 in 1 Treatment Sizes

There will be 2 treatment sizes for BH diode laser handle:

The big spot is 15x30mm: It can be used for big area treatment, like back hair. With such big size, it is very effective and save a lot time in pass up and pass down.

The small spot is 15x10mm: It can be used in small area, like lip hair or figure hair, can also help you to get a beautiful beard line or eyebrow shape.

We highly recommend the BH diode laser for its superior features and performance. Designed with high power 1200W, this laser offers a faster and more efficient hair removal experience, making it a popular choice for any professional salons.

And with its large treatment size, you can cover more areas in a shorter amount of time than other lasers on the market. So if you have a lot of laser hair removal schduals every day, look no further than the BH diode laser. It will give you best effect in lowest cost.

It is highly recommended for professional salons that want a best laser in most afforable price.

Hot selling BH diode laser machines:

CH - Diode Laser Handle

CH Diode Laser Handle is the third generation, also called Intelligent Diode Laser.

Power: 800-1200W standard. 1600W also available. 

Recommend Keywords: Fancy technologies, high power, handle screen, intelligent recognize, real-time tempreture monitoring

diode laser handle CH

Fancy Technologies

  • 3 Replacement tips for different areas
  • 3D smart tips, Intelligent recognition
  • Handle inbuilt real-time monitoring module
  • Super power 1200W +3000W
  • Big LED screen easy operation
  • 360° Super cooling, always -4℃
  • Light-weighted handpiece

To be short, In the market, who can do 1200W diode laser, their handle do not have screen. Who can do 1200W machine with screen in handle, usually is only a very small screen that can only display a simply logo or shots (meaningless screen). The one who can do with big screen like us do not have 3 changeable tips only have 1 fixed spot size. The one who can do changeable tips, do not have good cooling in the tips

So all in all, this machine is 100% the most unique and high-tech high power diode laser in the market.

It is highly recommended for beginners looking to venture into laser hair removal technology to invest in a diode laser machine with an AH diode laser handle. This proves to be a wise decision in the long run.

Hot selling CH diode laser machines:

dH - Diode Laser Handle

DH Diode Laser Handle is the fourth generation, also called Smart Light Diode Laser.

Power: 500W. 

Recommend Keywords: Fancy technologies, handle screen, affordable.

diode laser handle DH

Compare with AH Diode

  • AH only have 1 spot size 15*15mm, DH has 2 spot sizes, 15*15mm and phi 8mm for nose hair.
  • AH do not have screen, DH has a smart screen in handle
  • AH can not do real-time temperature monitoring, DH has in-built a module to detecting the treatment tip’s real-time temperature, and displaying in the smart screen.
  • AH do not have laser stack monitor, DH has in-built a module that can detecting if there is any problem in the laser stack.

Compare with CH Diode

  • CH has high power 800-1200W, DH is 500W.
  • CH has 3 spot sizes, max to 15*30mm, DH has 2 spot sizes max to 15*15mm.
  • CH has bigger handle scree, DH is bit small in screen. 

As you can see from above, DH is something between AH and CH, so it is more suitable for the clients who want the most fancy technologies with very good hair removal effect and as well as the best price.

Hot selling DH diode laser machines:


At Stelle Laser, we pride ourselves on our expertise in diode laser hair removal machines. We offer a range of options to suit your salon needs, including four different handle options to choose from. 

  • Our AH handle is the perfect option for those seeking affordability, as it provides high-quality hair removal without a hefty price tag. For those seeking power and efficiency, 
  • our BH handle is the ideal choice as it is the most powerful option available. 
  • However, if you’re looking for cutting-edge technology, our CH handle is definitely the way to go. It provides the most advanced and fancy features, ensuring a top-of-the-line experience. 
  • For the best of both worlds, choose our DH handle – offering both affordable prices and fantastic technology. 

We have options to fit all clients! And no matter what handle you choose, we can 100% ensure truly painless and permanent hair removal effect.

Regardless of your specific needs, we are confident that our diode laser machines will exceed your expectations. We take pride in being a reliable and experienced manufacturer of high-quality machines. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information or if you’re interested in exploring our product offerings further.

Stelle Laser is US FDA and TUV Medical CE approved manufacturer for diode laser hair reduction machines that for professional beauty centers or medical spas to use. Our portable diode laser ALD1 model and vertical diode laser  LD1 model are very hot selling. They are with latest technology and has superb hair removal effect, 100% painless devices. Our sales team provide professional pre and after sales support. If you interested in getting more details of purchasing such an advanced laser beauty machine, please feel free to send us an inquiry!

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